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  1. So with the update on 12th april the rewards from the act 6 changes. you will get awarded with pinacle accessories. My question is: does anyone knows are there any changes to chapter 5? I am a returning player and wanted to know should i wait a little more or just go for it Thanks!
  2. Hi, i quit BnS a week after the big patch with lvl 50 content. I was a hardcore gamer before that and i guess i burned out at that point, but yesterday i watched the stream about new battleground and im tempting to go back. Is it possible to have fun in the game when ill be playing casually? Is it too difficult to get good gear to play end game? Should i come back or not? Please, help me decide.
  3. As you can see i have 8 rows unlocked. The achievement description is incorrect ( as it says to unlock 5th row) or the achievement itself is bugged. Ok since i dunno how to upload the pic: The achievement "Snappy dresser" - unlock the 5th row of your auxiliary storage. Either the description is wrong or its bugged for me since i unlocked 8th row of it.
  4. Can you say what server are you on? NA or EU? I think there is much more bots in NA coz in EU i realy dont see them that frequently ....
  5. The costume from the twins is NOT FOR FEMALE LYN. There is plenty other lyn exclusive outfits, so dont cry that much over that. http://bns.inven.co.kr/dataninfo/gallery/ here you can look up costumes.
  6. like i understand you are mad and dissapointed but you realy made me laugh with "me" instead of "I". Thanks dude :D
  7. thank you! my build is pretty much the same beside the "short fuse" on C that i dont realy know how and when to use it :c
  8. it happens becouse the soulshield stats dont work if you dont have a costume equiped
  9. and with the answer for his question that ive put in my post i also gave him an advice of how to get higher dmg... please dude, he knows what is wrong with his gear, can you lay off?
  10. he can have bigger crit, crit dmg and piercing - he will do more dmg. He is a summoner and he spect into hp.... http://eu-bns.ncsoft.com/ingame/bs/character/profile?c=Pimpumir&s=202 those are my stat as fm - ranged dps, just as summoner can be. Higher piercing higher crit and crit dmg, and as i said before, you have wrong diamond. it needs to be with attack power
  11. Well clearly gameguard doesnt comprehend with a procces that is running on your computer... since i dont know what procces is that i usualy have to restart the computer and open the game without oppening anything else then idont have the the gameguard crash but my game crashes on hte loading screen, so i have to launch it again... its like 15 min everytime i want to open the game ;/
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