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  1. Your dog is teaching you Kung Fu when a dominatrix rolls into your elementary school and kills him with a twig. Before she leaves she plants a black daisy up your ass. You then go looking for revenge (I would). A masterpiece.
  2. Ya never said they did share it, but I know they do so. Cya gg.
  3. Nope that's not me sonny. Ya and if I did some research I'd find you a dozen games that do, will I spend my time doing it, no, because I know I'll be right and I have no reason to try to prove anything for an argument as stupid as this. So if you want TWO games that have a TWO character limit sure, Blade and Soul and Star Wars the Old Republic, that's 2 out of three MMOs I've ever played, cya, gg, wp.
  4. No I'm not, moron. That was some poster called Nickilli, reading is hard. I'm just simply telling of the one I know for sure and I know for sure because it's 1 of the 3 MMOs I've played in my life including this one.
  5. Ok cool who said I was trying to prove a *cricket*ing thing?
  6. Who said I was trying to do anything? I've played SW,TERA and this game as far as MMOs go so you'd have to ask someone else although I'm sure besides SW there's MANY more that exist.
  7. SWToR to name one. In fact if you're a previous sub who's now "preferred" you can only have 2 active characters, no matter if you have 20.
  8. Agreed and fed this thread in the beta forums, agree even more now!
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