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  1. OFC they are, regular outfit rotations in the Hongmoon store.
  2. ??????? Arena is the biggest PvE part of the game in it's current state WTF are you on about, also tags are the worst RNG in the game right now "will we get an afk? Oh we got one I sure hope the other team has one or 2 AFKs!". LOL "arena" what a joke.
  3. The way this game is shedding it's player base they may as well put in new stuff every day, because in 3 months there's not going to be anyone around to care.
  4. I think the game itself is good fun outside of the huge Korean MMO grind aspect. It's just being run into the dirt, they will continue along this path till the game and it's publisher kill themselves (something TERA recently did and will never recover from). All my friends have already left, I'm looking for a half decent game as well (3 of us tried BDO courtesy of my $50 bundle and friend passes) if only for the sole reason to drop this POS right on it's ass. Black Desert is equally shitty but for entirely different reasons. NCsoft doesn't deserve another penny from this player base
  5. Translation: They don't have any pride in their game therefor you should.
  6. Ya good point, if I'm gonna go play a Mexican game (lol) or better yet a Brazilian game (lol again). I'll prob have to suck it up and learn to play on a Mexican (lol) game client. Fortunately for me this wont happen in my lifetime so I think I wont bother. Yep Murica where you probably currently connect to 100% of games and most likely 100% of anything else you look at on the internet.
  7. Counter Strike? Why ask this question? They obviously don't even play their own game. They'll answer questions as long as their somehow cash shop related. I'd be embarrassed to say I worked on this game. I fireproof buildings for a living and it would be like standing at an inferno with a big crowd smile on my face saying "yep, I fireproofed that sucker!".
  8. World of Warcraft also brought in about 40 million a month. If you brought in 40 million a month just about anything would be possible.
  9. Lots of reasons: 1. Bots bots and more bots 2. Gold sellers 3. Game was touted as having a "balanced" PvP lol 4. Runs like shit 5. Lag for no apparent reason 6. Hackers openly ruling the top 2 tiers of PvP 7. Stupid shit like banning legitimate players while bot armies and hackers run rampant 8. A grindy less than mediocre gold and upgrade system that punishes legitimate players while giving bots and AFKs free reign while also making them insanely rich, all for not even playing 9. Zero awareness of the community 10. Zero transparency
  10. I doubt anything will be relevant to this client in 6 months (maybe less). Too many problems that they won't deal with, hell they wont even acknowledge for that matter. All my friends been gone for 2 weeks now, looking for a new game myself, sadly Black Desert is worse of a shit sack than this game, for completely different reasons though.
  11. Does "many times" mean zero times ever in your world?
  12. That would take work on their part and therefore will never happen.
  13. LOL! Destroyers probably the bottom barrel PvP class. Look in the top 30 and see how many Destroyers there are. If anything they need a buff.
  14. Force Master: Increased range to 60 meters. Any freeze ability used will now stun and root for 20 seconds. Blade Dancer: Blade Dancers will now learn a passive skill at level 2 allowing them to just resist all damage and status effects by default. Summoner: After seeing the success of the various hacks Summoners will be given these hacks by default since they're all using them in PvP anyway. Summoners will receive an additional cat. Destroyers: Decreased Destroyer damage in PvP and PvE by 98% to deal with bots. Destroyer bo
  15. No those are simply the things available for me TO do. I have a life there's no way I could do all of them lol. I would have time for maybe 1/2 of ONE of them. Maybe time on a Saturday to do ONE of them.
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