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  1. Hello, I have a simple question. Since we will be able to switch between stage 10 and higher elemental accessories and what not, will the augmented stats (from psyches) on aforementioned accessories remain intact/transfer over or will they disappear upon switching? Thanks in advance!
  2. Well, I've done over 450+ runs and counting. I have yet to see any Quickgrip Gloves drop. https://imgur.com/a/NO0tx I do feel like the drop rate needs to be buffed/increased (to say the least) as they have been done with other legendary drops in the game so far.
  3. I think KawaiiDesuChan pretty much summed it all up. At this point, I think 80% of the people in ladder ranking in 6v6 isn't reflected accurately. This is solely based on people getting 'runtime' errors, often resulting in a -30 penalty to their ranking. Imagine getting these 'runtime' errors multiple times in a row (this actually happened to me on stream last night). It just gets to a point where you have to ask yourself, do I really think it's worth staying over 2+ hours in queue just to get a 'runtime' error in the end? Do I still play this game mode for my enjoyment and do I wa
  4. Still looking for a kind soul that has the summer saga outfit code. BUMP
  5. Title says it all. I'm on [EU] Jinsoyun IGN = Terrra
  6. Most of the cases, whether it's 1vs1 or 6vs6.. if you lose the opener, your chances significantly decrease on coming out on top [assuming both players know what they're doing]. You just stated you lost the opener vs a BM, forcing you to use your tab/escapes/trinkets/iframes etc and you expect to walk away alive? There is more than just 1 class that can 100-0 you under the right circumstances. I understand the frustration, but realistically speaking.. you have but yourself to blame. I could've hit 100-0 you under those circumstances without a true or critical
  7. Did my first CS run today and the gem dropped, sorry boys!
  8. I've done roughly 60+ runs on CS, got some nice things and the blindfold that I wanted but still no AP gem. :<
  9. Q: Why isn't the Sparkling Hexagonal Hongmoon Peridot gem 'bound to account' like all other sparkling hexagonal hongmoon gems in-game/rngbox events? Would it be possible to change this to make it consistent with the current gems in-game? Not sure if it's intended, and if so for what reason, but currently the Sparkling Hexagonal Hongmoon Peridot Gem isn't mail-able between characters on the same account. Changing this could also be considered a quality of life improvement, seeing how some people got this peridot gem from the Merchant of Wonders NPC on their alts and would like to be able to
  10. I spent 275$ on the first RnG box to get the costume called Black Padded Coat. No luck and believe me, those boxes contained WAY less valuable items compared to the ones in Hongmoon store atm.
  11. @Caolite it's just funny because it's true, that's all there is to it really.
  12. 10/10 All credits to 2nd1 for being a good sports!
  13. This made my day, I literally cried watching it. It's funny because it's mostly true. Take it with a grain of salt ;)
  14. The white version goes way better with my current look and hairstyle/colour etc. Not so much about the exclusiveness for me ^^
  15. When?! I burned a lot of NCoins on those RnG boxes in the past, with no luck of getting the costume. Still a bit salty about that, but when will this costume finally be introduced again in-game in the cash shop (whether it's a RnG box or costume itself)? My character feels incomplete without it! :(
  16. How did you obtain the Purification Jar? What steps are required to get it?
  17. http://i.imgur.com/Mkq2O04.png See you on the other side!
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