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  1. Disconnected from server

    Just logged in, so should be up again.
  2. Got banned this morning. What a joke.

    If you banned for abusing a glitch you are aware of, I don't see the point you making a post about it? You took the risk, lost the battle. About the bots, are they annoying? Yes. But NCSoft bans them as soon as they can. Its just a F2P game what gives access to unlimited accounts. I tell people every day not to use the door glitch. They answer with "mind your own business" or "they wont ban for it". Well now the forum gets spammed about accounts being locked for stuff like that. (I do report every person abusing the door glitch with video proof. Over 50 report last few days and prob more comming). Want to glitch go play a single player game, not a game where it effect other people.
  3. Banned for 'association to exploitative accounts'

    They prob started logging the instances. Once they notice you/group killed nearly no mobs and you killed the final boss, that indicates you using the door glitch. That together with more people reporting the abusers surely has to do something with the higher numbers of bans now.
  4. Banned for 'association to exploitative accounts'

    Chances are high you banned for abusing the Ogoing glitch. Terms even tells that you arn't allowed to use any glitches and you accepted that. Also don't come with "i wasn't aware of this" once you go through walls / doors that you aren't suppose too, a bell should start to ring "just don't do it". I reported over 50 people last few days for abusing the door glitches, play the game as it suppose too, want to glitch go play a single player game.
  5. FM Broken in 3v3

    Tab: heals 10% HP + 2% additional healing every hit you take inside it for 3 uses(total 16% if you don't care to stop atking) - 1min CD V: freeze yourself, no healing. - 30s CD Blocking(1): has a 0.5s window to block a projectile... this require timing and skill. You only get frozen constantly if you don't know how to play against a FM. Most classes have ways to counter it but i'm not here to teach you those. FM has no easy defense against melee attacks like most classes (stealth / block / spin). We have to stay alive by outplaying the opponent. Only thing we have is 2(daze)/3(stun) but those can be resisted/blocked etc.
  6. Ping In Arena

    I hope they find a fix for it asap, not only is it nearly impossible for me to win in Arena against equal skilled players(FM rely on good ping). It also make my skills go on cooldown while they never triggered. (had moments i press tab, it goes on cd but never triggered tab on the enemy). Issue is with the arena servers it seems, I do not experience above things in PvE even with 15+ people around me it all goes fluid. They should never promote the game for Esport in its current state, we just can't play at our best if the servers aren't stable / accesable. Also had 3x DC today during an arena match and it wasn't on my end. Sad part is, NCSoft doesn't give any info about it, this really puts me thinking they don't care about communicating with us. They could at least say "we are investigating the issue". But we are left behind without any information.(Reason i also stopped my premium untill they fix those issue, if you want our support at least communicate with us)
  7. 3 classes need to be fixed

    Keep in mind we are playing a client that is balanced around level 50 + 10 hongmoon points, it is just locked to lv45. Ofcourse PvP wont be as balanced as it should be. Is is disapointing? Yes. Is it gamebreaking that it need fixes asap? No.(Not that there's an option anyway, all depends on NCsoft to pull the lever to remove the lock) Be patient and you will get more access to skill points & abilities to counter those classes. I myself play a Force Master, as frustrated it can be for me to play against Destroyer / Blade Dancer because of their low cost(chi) to 100% resist all my skills, I know there will be a way better future for me once I get access to more skill points & abilities from hongmoon levels. I just keep working on perfecting my combo's etc for once they make a mistake. /Ragemode: damn NCSoft fix EU servers so I can actually perform a combo fully and not have a 200ms difference between PvE and PvP TL:DR: Keep playing and progressing with your class you enjoy. The better you get now, the eassier the curve will be once hongmoon levels arrive to balance everything out.
  8. Launcher repair issue

    Hi, After playing the CBT 1 on North America server I tried now to play with friends on the EU server. But after changing the region the launcher begins to check files and start a repair process. The problem is that it wont go passed 0% (0kb / 85kb), even after waiting for 10min. - I already tried reinstalling the launcher but that didn't fix the problem. - The launcher is whitelisted on my firewall and is runned as admin. - I'm also using the "stand-alone launcher" as the support advised. I don't know what to do next to make the launcher continue the repair. If anyone have an solution it would be welcome. Kind regards, Provision