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  1. Dishonesty gets it's reward?

  2. Gemhammer 4th slot cost increase per lvl.

    I'm posting to support this. My OP/GG summoner can't affor 18 gold for a slot opening that was costing 4g earlier QQ
  3. Skill books!

    Shiro-kun, let's team up and grind them skill-books this weekend.
  4. I Don't Want To Fight In This !!

    You CAN make customized PvP costumes for the clan, however the required amounts of materials are IMMENSE. Only a handful of clans on TW, CN and even KR have such costumes.
  5. Hacker in game ? Look This

    This post gave me cancer. OT: I remember I quit the RU server after finding out half of the people I was playing with, were using speed and port hacks.
  6. You need TWO skill points and it clearly says it on the skill itself.
  7. Mainatainance extended!

    It used to, until i've been shown that nobody cares.
  8. Mainatainance extended!

    Heh. My bitching worked :D
  9. Mainatainance extended!

    You're an imbecile. I booked the time off, believing the maintenance would be completed by the time advertised.
  10. Mainatainance extended!

    I'm not hating you. I hate myself for believing in you.
  11. so there is a secondary stash tab

    You're bitching over your own ignorance and lack of observation, really. You're lacking a lot of attention :<
  12. Really..

    Newsflash: NOBODY CARES!
  13. Really..

    Given the responses I've got .. apparently not. Let's talk the genocide of the native-americans, Dowra.
  14. Really..

    Oh, but I'm not the one bitching. The whole maintenance times give me time to perform my dailies in the morning and get sleep after the graveyard shift I'm working, it's perfectly fine with me. I just like to bash on the overly-cocky 'muricans :D
  15. Really..

    Sure. Lookup "ridiculous law-suits of the United States".