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  1. This should be a feature people still buy costumes, but not having all wardrobe options as a free player is frustrating first of all and the game was designed to be that way..
  2. Mehh this seems to be very disappointing I leveled so many characters already =.=
  3. I have heard several people talking about rerolling.. so what's the deal with that ?
  4. Hello, I want to convert my 50+6 HM Forcemaster into A 50+6hm KFM is that possible ?? I would appreciate some feedback I have never rerolled before, thank you in advance.
  5. funny when I posted this forum the costumes got added instantly lmfao thanks for the feedback anyway guys !
  6. Yeah they just got added but where are the remaining 2 costumes >.> and the overal results Q.Q
  7. When are the costumes and the results going to be posted O-o ?
  8. That looks so amazing thanks a lot Sephirablack ^.^ ! <3
  9. Thank you so much @Leylaana & @ProjectDeadlock I totally forgot about the forum I made so I am sorry for the late response. I hope that my female character model was something both of you have enjoyed drawing Cheers !
  10. Hello Crickets =D ! I wish to convey my character's appearance and hope someone is interested in creating any artwork from it and could upload it on here =)
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