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  1. Gamestop switching to new NCOIN cards?

    I got one last Saturday in PHX Arizona.
  2. I welcome the bots buying up my stuff, puts currency in my pocket. I've made almost 200g over the last 4 days just buying bulk items and reselling at the cutoff point of the bots. yeah it take around 2-3 of my daily AH allowance but currently the margin is around 40% on the items I am reselling. you just gotta Game the gamers. . .
  3. Remove the mail restriction in its current iteration of requiring real life money to unlock to: Semi-restrict it to X amount of mail a day at max level. Benefit: allow people to actually use a core feature in a limited capacity will take some of the sting of the full system being locked behind a paywall. Allow it to be unrestricted after charging your account with NC coin from ANY source not just Coin purchased through the in-game store. Benefit: Actually make the in the game message and support article give accurate information.
  4. World class Customer Support!

    Also I just went back and reread the first reply to my ticket by my good friend Josh, and He states "you need to make a real money purchase on your account, such as buying NC coin." He doesn't mention the Hongmoon store at all? I dunno maybe Im just getting strung along By CS hoping I'll lose intrest in the topic? let me get my foil hat and think about it for awhile.
  5. World class Customer Support!

    the point is( and what I am really upset about) nowhere is it stated that one needs to use the ingame store to charge your account with NC coin.
  6. World class Customer Support!

    So an update on my situation. Apparently even though I spent $25 on a prepaid card for NC coin, I still cannot get mail unlocked because I did not purchase Nc coin through BnS' s in game store. ( i.e use a credit card) according to the reply I received today from CS. The thing is, in game it states "you are required to charge your NC coin at least once to use mail" the support help article about the mail lock states in its entirety: "Why Can’t I Send Mail To Other Players? Players who have not made any real-money purchases since August 18th, 2015, will not be able to send any outgoing mail to other players. However, you can send mail to your alternate characters on the same account without restriction. You can permanently remove this mail restriction by making a real-money purchase, such as buying NCoin." Notice that both statements lack any mention of the Hoongmoon store. So it appears that it doesn't matter how much I spend buying NC coin with prepaid cards because there is a hidden condition on top of spending money to get mail unlocked, in this case personal information If Customer Support is to be believed. I really wish I could get a official response to this. P.S. as an added bonus I still cannot send mail among my account characters, even though they fulfill all the stated requirements. P.P.S. I'm still pretty upset, I just don't like being mislead and/or lied to. . .
  7. currency exchange?

    it is coming, its super close, you are gonna be so amazed when the Exchange comes flying out of the sky with a big floppy ******* dangling and swinging around, but it is eventually coming! did I say eventually? I meant definitely!!
  8. A whole week to delete?

    the timer is there for your protection. because having you wait 7 days is cheaper than Customer Support getting your character back should your account get compromised. EDIT: and by cheaper, I mean cheaper for NCSOFT
  9. the best stats (ie highest possible cap) for fusing onto a shield comes from fusing the crafted soulshields and those are not created unsealed.
  10. Hongmoon Weapon Skins being destroyed is a rip-off

    "Hey NC west I would spend money if you make weapon skins permament and keep costumes that way too ( the constructive, positive part.) but if stuff goes rental or if weapon skins are consumed then you're losing my money" (the negative, no money for you part.) Broken down to its core message: "do it my way or no munny for you" I just call 'em howse I sees 'em. . .Whale Biologist!
  11. at mat level you need 2-3 seals to unseal stuff, one also needs to unseal soulshields before they can stat fuse, that is 2-3 a pop. but lol at people buying charms at greater than NPC price.
  12. maybe the reason the Spam is so aggressive now is because the RMT sellers know that there will be a drop in potential customers when the exchange launches. I do agree that the Spam will never be gone completely, mainly because the spammers always seem to get enough customers to keep at it.
  13. My destroyer has over 300 dumplings and close to 200 tonics, by the time the game gets hard enough to use them you get showered in them from the dungeon chests. Edit: i should mention that the destroyer has a very good self heal in the grab/wedge combo. definitely a factor.
  14. I would contend that the price of hammers in CBT was vastly overpriced compared to now. selling something that cost less than 6cp to make for 10s in the case of the R-Hammers was only possible because most people in the CBTs were focused on leveling and not crafting. that and NCWest added hammers pots and dumplings to the numerous chests in the dungeons after people complained that they were not lootable, causing said items to become much more common. Perversely, transmutation stones of all tiers were dirt cheap in CBT because one could buy them from the Hongmoon store in CBT.
  15. Hongmoon Weapon Skins being destroyed is a rip-off

    I never said valid constructive criticism was not wanted, just that NCWest like most companies ignore threats. unless you think "do it my way or no munny for you" is valid criticism?