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  1. Soha'a voice after last patch...

    Ya sorry, that accent just defaults to "Southern Accent" in my head, Texas if definitely the number one source southern accents for me. Looking up a few of the Japanese lines (from the anime, probably a bad source) she sounds a bit... how do you explain that type of dialect... brazen? Rough and ready? Kind of "street"? Is it comparable a faux Texas? Maybe, if we're talking accents like from a 1960 western with John Wayne where the "southern accent" used with "rugged folks not properly educated all city like" , but most people are probably not thinking that. Either way I like the accent, gives thee character a unique feel. And people complaining why the brother doesn't have the same accent, he might have outgrown, or spent a lot of years where no one used the accent and he just picked up the local dialect.
  2. Soha'a voice after last patch...

    HAHA I knew I'd find a post about this. That is the accent she had in the Beta and I for one like it, it SCREAMS gunslinger. People over on the EU servers and people who played on TW or JP servers can complain all they want but as an American who was forced to watch crazy amounts of westerns as a child, like the Southern Bell Soha accent. Leveling a KFM and a Warlock to 45 every time I went through the desert and heard the dialog with the "new" Soha voice I pretty much made the Ok meme face and missed the Southern Accent. When I got to the Gunslinger academy ( btw screw all the gun haters in this game, there's and entire SCHOOL for gunslingers HAHAHA) and she shows up with her dialog, I didn't even notice the change, it sounded right. Granted the subtitles have been shot and most the other voice acting reminds me of the first time I heard Bleach dubbed, but I don't care! Southern Bell Soha is back and I hope she's here to stay. And I hope the devs finally manage to balance the gunslinger class so we can have a ranged weapon class instead of energy balls and talismans.
  3. Nothing kept from beta, all characters are cleared, but they might keep the event going until after live release. Then you can just get them again. I believe they are in the store as well so you could possibly buy them, might be a seasonal type sale so they'll last all winter.
  4. gloss/ oily skin slider

    That's my fetish, gigidy gigidy goo.
  5. Good to know it was in writing somewhere, but sadly what I read lead me to the assumption rewards were going to be for all characters, like other founders packs in other games. Sad that I should assume if one game does it a way then all games should it that way but I'm pretty naive. If live purchases are going to be anything like the beta then those NCoins won't last very long. Costumes and weapon skins make 0 impact in game play and these aren't, and probably won't ever be in the shop for purchase, so why not have them on every character on the account, its not like you can sell them on the auction house. I appreciate the response, this is great that this thread is being monitored and serviced. But at the very least the cosmetic bonuses should be per character to avoid the hassle of having to mail them around and the weapon skins should be one per character (one time use is fine) because there are better skins in the game but you might not see one of those until you have the money to buy it on the AH or you loot one yourself. Thanks again for the response.
  6. mounts and pets - suggestion

    The only time unlimited sprinting interferes with pvp is World PvP and honestly if you manage to juke your way out of damage long enough to start sprinting then grats you deserve the chance to escape your fate, but in duel based pvp it would be instanced so the limiter would be put back in. All in all the sprinting works pretty well and removing the limiter in open areas would just be save a few minutes at best.
  7. those patches are for pre Qi Master update so I would imagine we will get those when our level cap is the current max (50 right?) or they can just do it when ever they feel like it. Some of those are considered buffs and some are considered nerfs, the only ones who would probably be able to tell the difference is the seasoned players from other servers.
  8. Point of costumes? (just cosmetic?)

    no costume equipped disables your soul shield, so one purpose is to keep your soul shield going. purpose two is eye candy, pure unadulterated eye candy.
  9. Woof, 32 pages of silence and then this. So what I'm getting from this line "Some suggestions are legally unfeasible (such as adjusting the number of consumables offered), while others have good points" is that there is an agreement with the original BnS team about what can be given out. Now I don't know who has been asking for more pots and stuff but the major topic here is.the.costumes. Or as the Hipster players call them Dobok. There should be a costume in the mail on every character as soon as it enters the tutorial zone. Now if there's a problem with the Dragon Pouches and stuff then you probably should made them not character bound so that way they could be spread to new characters and it wouldn't interrupt Store Sales. But foremost you should have said right.at.the.beginning that the founder reward was for a single character if that was your intent. I have only bought one founder pack previously and that was for the Neverwinter MMO and their founder reward shows up on each character you make, you walk up to the founder vendor and right click the bag and you get it. Simple, easy and not even available in the tutorial zone. But their rewards were more than just consumables and cosmetics, this is just purely cosmetics and bag space. The character slots are account based so that won't be impacted by the deletion of a character, same goes for the character rework coupons. But if you intend to limit the costumes, weapon skins and "consumables" to just a single character, then you're doing it wrong, that's not how I have seen it personally (one time is not much of a list but it's what i got) and judging from the 33+ pages on this thread its not how other people have seen it either. You have probably lost 20% of the original master founder pack orders just from your silence, and if you were to flat out say one character per pack then you would probably lose over half because it just wouldn't be worth it. If the plan is to be silent until there is no chance for refunds then congrats NCSoft is on the same level as EA and Konomi.
  10. Closed Beta 4 Thoughts

    Not too many thoughts this time either, life got in the way again not all of it bad but I still didn't get to play much. I got onto my KFM again, first time since I started leveling the Destroyer, at level 25 KFM is hard without practice. In fact I'm pretty sure the KFM is hard in general. I think if I start it out and keep going I'd be better at it, but going from something so easy as a Destroyer to a KFM is kind of like playing Star Craft 2 on Normal and thinking it would be a great idea to try it on Brutal. Yeah... not easy. I still like KFM but there are a lot of moves and stuff to keep it alive that I didn't quite remember at the time. I took my KFM to the Cinderlands and finally got to hear the new Soha...yeah not bad, they need to fix the dialog text so it matches the new lines, but in all honesty I miss the Southern Accent, I never had a problem with it to begin with, and I always thought it added to the character. People who play on the EU servers probably wouldn't appreciate it and those guys who played on the TW or JP servers won't be happy with English translations no matter what so no helping that. On the topic of the seasoned players we really should come up with a term for them. As an fan of Japanese Anime, if you haven't noticed from the fact I use Otaku in my handle, I really dislike the term Weeaboo, its a term from a Perri Bible Fellowship comic and has nothing to do with anime or fandoms in general, but the new definition is about someone who really wishes they were Japanese and curses their fate for not being born in Japan... sorry guys but I like Anime and J-RPG's, but not that much. But all over this forum I keep seeing people seasoned from the Korean, Chinese and Japanese servers bitching and moaning like no tomorrow about every little thing from the Story, the Side Quests, the Voice Actors and even the more Overly Provocative oufits ( or possible lack there of in the western releases) and a bunch of them even say they'll keep playing by connecting across the planet just to have it "their way". Sorry but when I read "They changed Mushin's name, Mushin is his title, his name is X" or "They changed this side quest, this guy is supposed to be a peeping tom." It all comes off as Hipster Trash talk to me. So I think a term for these Blade Hipsters should be used to identify the elitists among us. All in all I still think this game is fun, I'll be playing either a Destroyer or KFM when the game goes live, I'll probably try out the Warlock if it gets released the beta or when it goes live. Otherwise I don't I'll be able to play this like I played WoW, where I leveled an alt for Crafting and Gathering, I think I'll have to stick with one guy and get good at it and maybe play an alt for shits and giggles.
  11. What are all these drops/loot for?

    bank it like the hoarders we all are, just because you don't need it now doesn't mean you won't need it by the end of the CB. And it will give you plenty of practice for when the game goes live.
  12. Jaesung streaming new class Qi Master

    still waiting to test out the Warlock. Pretty sure my first main will either be Destroyer or KFM, I like both but I need to retry the KFM since it was the first character I made and I had no clue what I was doing. Now I have a level 42 Destroyer and good Idea of how to play.
  13. Stupid question but...

    This forum has been evolving more and more since CB1, I figure the mods and forum admins are taking it nice and slow adding things little bit at a time so they won't mess up their databases. Also if you notice that little thing under the Privacy Policy link is a link to IP.Board. Appear to be a company that makes cookie cutter community boards. Not sure about you guys but it takes me a little bit to figure out new software if I haven't used it before.
  14. [Feedback] My opinion of the Bid System

    OP is probably one of the players move onto the next zone without waiting for auctions to end, that would explain why they don't know how nice it is. To go in with 8 silver and get no loot but still walk off with over 15 silver from bids. This means I can run the dungeon again with different people and have an even better chance to get loot I didn't get the previous run. I like this system, its a refresher from the old WoW need/greed system that has been revamped over three times in the history of WoW.
  15. Has there been any yellow post on this thread at all to confirm or deny if this will be on all toons? I mean 28 pages long and no response would be a pretty big case of neglect on the forum mods. I didn't read through all 28 pages, did they even say they would look into it?