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  1. Open Discussion with English Localization

    Been away for thanksgiving. Any updates, or are we still stuck with EN3?
  2. Been away for thanksgiving. Any updates, or are we still stuck with EN3?
  3. I never understood how PvE stuff can be considered pay to win. I mean, it isn't an advantage against other players, just the environment. And in PvP everything is normalized so all you need is skill points. The only truly bad thing is most NA/EU firsts will be completed by people who bought upgrades.
  4. While I do dislike this 7 day feature, I still rather it be in the game. Better safe than sorry.
  5. Lol, the character I am deleting is lvl 16.
  6. Open Discussion with English Localization

    Well they are different, but it seems to just be a bug.
  7. It is good that it is just a bug. I quite like the tool tip screens.
  8. Open Discussion with English Localization

    Wait, so they censored the loading screens?
  9. Open Discussion with English Localization

    Anybody know if anything changed after yesterdays patch notes?
  10. All that is there now are blank concept art-like wallpapers that just say Blade & Soul.
  11. I trimmed it up, but if you bothered to read the first 3 sentences of my post you would know you only needed to read the first paragraph of the quote.
  12. I have two reasons for posting this. One is to let people know that before you think about posting opinions in that thread, all opinions and general discussion posts will be deleted. First paragraph of LWS's quote says just this. LastWriterStanding, on 23 Nov 2015 - 11:40 AM, said: The second reason it to ask for a real Open Discussion thread to be added to the pinned threads created by the Staff. This can allow members to just simply post their thoughts and Ideas that don't conform with the style of Q&A in one place. There would be no need for old and new members to be constantly making the same thread over and over again. This would also make moderation easier. Anytime somebody starts to derail the thread the mods/staff can quickly clean up the thread to get it back on track. I tried contacting a staff member about this but normal users can't send messages to the staff.