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  1. People, please use Crit Primers...

    They require 10 soulstones and 1 premium refiner to make...lolnope.
  2. It was said during the launch stream that the warlock weapons are not a bug. All this does is make it harder to get your weapon from drops and chests. Sure, if you plan on making a Warlock you can save the blue items, but the purple ones...what the hell? Don't tell me to use them as fodder because they cost soulstones to use. This leaves one option: Salvaging. TLDR: You might as well put Element Powder in weapon chests, NCSOFT.
  3. As we all know, queues can be upwards of 3 hours on Mushin at the moment, and it's only headstart... Mushin either needs to be shut off completely from new characters or be able to hold an even bigger number of players.
  4. Servers

    January 19th for non-founders.
  5. Creating a Guild Info.

    Letters and one space only, essentially the same rules as names.
  6. Gaming Monitor Suggestions?

    This one has 5 MS response time, but it fits your other criteria and is pretty cheap.
  7. i7 4790k 980Ti

    60 FPS on max graphics, for sure.
  8. Headstart Game Download

    This hasn't been announced yet.
  9. Is this a good laptop for BnS?

    If you wanna play on high/ultra with good FPS, that laptop is fine. Otherwise, you could find a laptop for cheaper.
  10. Coming Soon to Blade & Soul!

  11. Let's add an option to hide boobs while we're at it.Kappa
  12. Are you going back to Mushin on release or the server on the top of the list(most likely Master Hong, lol that name). Here's a poll.
  13. Poll : What Blade & Soul server will you join?

    Wrong forum. Should be in General Discussion or Community. Those EU server names though...
  14. What does the Extended Booster Pack ?

    Not sure...probably like 10. Repair tools are easy to come by anyway. The keys are one-time use, I recommend using the Virdian key on Blackram Narrows and the Cinderlands key on Tomb of Exiles.
  15. What does the Extended Booster Pack ?

    Healing Potions, Food, Repair Tools 50 Dragon Trade Pouches 1 Hongmoon Brilliant Viridian Key 1 Hongmoon Brilliant Cinderlands Key
  16. Will this be the order that the servers are in when the game releases(Pls put Mushin on top, ty)?
  17. Bases?

    There are faction bases.
  18. Founder Pack breakdowns

    This isn't a thing.
  19. Jiwan Customized

    Protip: Crtl+x hides UI
  20. Fastest way to level up from lvl 43 to 45?

    This looks pretty fast.
  21. Playeable classes with high ping.

    Blade dancer, destroyer, summoner.
  22. General questions about the game

    1. BnS is free to play, minimal pay to win and costumes in the cash shop. 2. There are dungeons/raids, 24, 6, and 4 man. 3. Both. 1v1 and 3v3 arena, and open world faction pvp. 4. Getting to max level is not grindy at all, you can do quests or grind, but I recommend quests. It doesn't take very long to get to 45. However, getting end game gear is pretty grindy at times(Gear does not affect arena pvp). 5. Nothing special, really. Everyone will choose the same professions, the ones that allow you to craft materials for upgrading weapons. 6. Dungeons are instanced.