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  1. A honest big EFF your shit... These random for no reason at all disconnects are annyoing as *cricket* be it at ssp, arena, dungeons, bay lee / harvest event or windstriding.. just fix that shit we are not in the beta anymore... And yes I am not the only one having these dc...
  2. Same here also alot of my bd friends report the same please fix....
  3. Same here..... So tired of your shit ncsoft... just let me enjoy the product I paid for -_-
  4. Not sure if it I will but surely it won't with Ncsoft as a publisher
  5. diamond attack pwoer , amethyst life leach on crit , ruby chance to do additional dmg , last one depends Citrine with life leach/additional dmg on stuned/knockdown target or Peridot which gives you crit rate after evade (keep in mind evade means evade which is a random chance and not something like your ss dodge )
  6. Here is a spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Q1inKxqWRnO81rwYHoZ_7ZtcUqm-0iXPhE_t6fBr9O0/edit#gid=1107747284 with the best possible stats you can get for pve ( expect arena bopae there I picked the most defensive stats )... Keep in mind tower & mushin might have some incorect informations
  7. Frostgipfel... Hab da wegen Freunden angefangen bereue es aber stark.
  8. Ich bette euch an NCSOFT gibt uns ein Serverwechselticket im Cash Shop.... Ich halte es nicht mehr aus auf der dem deutschen Server zu spielen die Leute sind zu behindern um Gruppen für Dailys zu bilden oder einfache Fragen wie: Welcher Channel gehört blau ? zu beantworten.Insert other media
  9. I wouldn't go so far every class is okay for pve even lm which has the weakest dps ingame, it all depends on the player not the class. Also you have a pretty decent aoe as lbm and a good burst for about 10 seconds but still no where near a destroyer for example. Still a good lbm will out dps a bad destroyer.
  10. Depending on how bad your party is you can still outdps them... though it will get worste and worste once people start learning how to play their own class.
  11. I am for dps meter it is frustrating if you are in a party full of kfm and bm and still must tank the boss as a lyn bm (lowest pve dps) even when using your grab on cd which helps others do dmg...
  12. Anyone got a good decent link with the bopae stats ? I have found this one http://www.gameskinny.com/b259f/blade-and-soul-china-level-45-bopae-stat-translations but it dosen't seem to be correct since the guide says the seasnake bopae tile 5 can't get hp on it but I have gotten it allready a few times.
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