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  1. Sadly it's one thing of what can and can't be done, compared to what they want to do. Their saying of "unfortunately we do not offer such a service" is just a formal way of saying "we don't want to put any resources into doing this". I don't know of any system that offers an item to do something, and that the exact same thing can't be done manually. The initial lock of 1 year could have been also to prevent selling names and such, but it's a completely different story if the change is supposed to be done on the same account. And I'll stay to my point, which not man
  2. Like I wrote here: It's not the item that did this, it's the system by using the item.
  3. I won't go into programming and system details. But the item is part of the game, therefore it's part of the games system. But let's go with your understanding, the item works so that the system changes your name, but it also makes the system lock the name, now why do you think the system locked the name? Right, because the item was used, therefore it's caused by the item itself, which is not stated in it's description. Each and every item used should fully describe what it does. By your logic, if you purchase an item that gives you end game gear, and then in the background deletes
  4. Like I said before this is not correct. It does 2 things: 1. renames your character 2. Locks the changed name for 24h It was advised for changing the name, NOT also locking it for further use for 24h which it did. Tell me more about how you would like to purchase an item that states something, but in the background does other things as well.
  5. Actually that is not correct. The item is part of the game, and as such it should fully state of what it does, in this case it does 2 things: 1. renames your character 2. Locks the changed name for 24h This is not stated in the item itself, and is known only by the staff members and users who already went trough this, which then again if you take consumers law in consideration is not legal. A harder example: imagine you are allergic to peanuts, you buy some food, on the product it doesn't state it contains peanuts so you eat it. You end up in the hospital b
  6. And why exactly should I search for how an item functions when it has it's own description, and since it does not state anything about the 24h lock, it does not function as intended. I don't know if you read what you linked, but it's only about the procedure about how to get a name that was used and is now on an inactive character/account.
  7. Just to check if I understand this right. After supporting the game from it's initial launch with a purchase of a Master Founder Pack, countless NCoin purchases, long premium membership and recent purchase of a lvl 60 booster and a name change voucher ( to use my own-old-name on the new char) I'm being denied assistance in the mater where the name was not available after few hours so I just took a placeholder name expecting it to be a bug and support will handle the name change later. Because supposedly the hidden 24 hours lock on the name after using a name change voucher is "working as inten
  8. You might want to recheck the link. Also if nothing works, you can always manually download the zip file and place it in the "122" folder of the game.
  9. If you could provide a screenshot of the error and the way you configured your Bitdefender, I might be able to help.
  10. Since the issue still wasn't addressed, for the patch just add " http://live.patcher.bladeandsoul.com " to the exception, and you can patch without problems.
  11. I don't own that product so can't say for sure, but check if you added the right domain to the exception, it's possible that your error might be on a different file/domain than the one I wrote about. Also make sure the launcher itself is not blocked. Additionally, if your issue is about the "Localization.dll.zip" file, it is possible to manually download it, and place it inside your launchers installation folder (there should be a folder named "2" somewhere inside the installation directory, and inside it "Localization.dll.zip" with size of 0 Kb, just replace it with the manually downloaded on
  12. Managed to figure out some stuff after a live chat with Bitdefender support team. It appears the domain from which the patch files are downloaded is simply blocked by their "Online threat prevention". It is possible to bypass this by simply adding the domain to the "Exception" list. Luckily the launcher does say on what file it failed (unlike some other launchers...). In this case just go to Protection > Online threat prevention > Exceptions And add "http://d3g07yb44mi2op.cloudfront.net/" to the exception, so you get this: There might be som
  13. Just a heads-up. In case you can't install the new launcher and are using Bitdefender, you'll have to remove it to be able to patch anything. Disabling all protection does not make the launcher work, you literally have to uninstall it, and install again once the patch is done. I had a similar issue with other launchers, and that was the only fix. Now it's possible the same problem will happen again when there is anything to patch for the game. Unless NCsoft contacts bitdefender to address this issue. EDIT: No need to remove Bitdefender, read post below!
  14. I agree, it would be much better if we could use other hotkeys then just the default. I like alt+key option which kinda don't work here. Also if I try using shift +f/w it removes my F or W binding even if the new one is a combo with shift... So yea, it would be great if we get more hotkey option.
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