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  1. With every dungeon in the last few years featuring party wipe mechanic that screws anyone with spikey high latency. You only need 1 month of extremely bad ISP routing to entirely destroy the fun, reputation of a good player in the game. The thing is other game developers have solved/avoided the problem of high ping by either client side detection, a mix of client hosting and server (item+spawn rates only) communication or players running dedicated servers. I really hope with UE4 upgrade players can run thier own dedicated servers or give client side detection feature largely. Surely developers are aware of a strong case of these as solutions to current problems.
  2. People are looking for interfaces for which thier feedback is acted upon. They are relying on the GM's/Moderation to forward thier issues with the game to the developers as its the only way players can get into the loop of feedback. When things are ignored or long standing problems are never resolved then what are we to do? When we've exhausted all our avenues for a resolution to our biggest problems with the game.
  3. This is the problem the game has had since it came to the english market. We needed the localisation team to : convert instances of the game to P2P connection in order to alleviate the issues around connection and server/animation desync many players have. Gold bundles should never have been in placed in RNG boxes like the daily challenge rewards. Quests, rewards and gear development should not have been structured into team based gameplay and mechanic heavy dungeons. Its killed casuals from playing/sticking with the game. Balance has been thrown out the window with the insane amount of power creep. Allow players to reconnect to the server from within the game Put resources into cleaning up the loading process of the game. (It should'nt be taking 2-3 minutes just to startup the game. Add in higher resolution textures on costumes and environments. (especially the ones visible in cutscenes) Game optimisation has largely been poor and developers way to tackle it has been to sacrifice other areas quality. It hasnt really improved and just left the game looking uglier.
  4. Merry Christmas Blade & Soul ??

    I also want to hear the answer. Have they lost a license to keep the servers up or something? China, Taiwan got thier Xmas designs decorations ingame so we know the assets exist. Christmas decorations are something i look forward to every year in my MMO list. It gives me reason to revisit those i've taking a break from. Because it creates a new life of discovery within game areas that have become stale and boring.
  5. Merry Christmas Blade & Soul ??

    Very sad no Christmas decorations put up in towns this year too :( Last year got friends and a few randoms together in our christmas outfits and took screenshots amongst the christmas backdrops in town then posted them on social media. This year... was so sad could'nt do it because NcSoft idk? what or why... Spent my time in black desert, destiny 2 and dragon nest instead. Atleast those games were nice enough to provide christmas tunes and festive environments.
  6. Press J then check all the tab Then look for a purple arrow.. Click the purple arrow next to take the quests. Sorry for this.. about a year ago we got an update that hid the purple quests in the J menu for some weird reason. As a veteran this change also annoys me. I dont know why they moved it to a place that most players wont even see.
  7. Seems like theres nothing wrong with using it. Otherwise this thread would've been moderated already. Although i strongly recommend people do not download 3rd party software that will alter BnS files. (thats just asking for trouble imho). .XML edits are pretty much just adjusting the game settings. Same as adjusting texture resolution, audio volume, V-sync outside of game etc. The reason they exist is to provide a more technical workaround for common problems. It's also very easy to lock down this file or even store the setting on server side before the game launches. As a former Garena/gamearena admin this same setting was freely adjustable for players. Its a tagline in almost all Unreal Engine games that can be set both in console and in ini files. The command "set delayupstream=, Set delaydownstream. This was an allowable edit in all games utilising UE3 on gamearena aswell as our league servers. Still i am not an Ncsoft employee and its up to them. I would tweet or contact Julliane as an Australian she would be able to give us some guidance on this settings legality. Something like this is not an ingame setting because if you set it too aggresive in one way or another it could massively have a negative effect on the playability of the game.