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  1. Ugh.. Given how frequently i saw it was always the same people i dont think they ever learnt. If a party wiped the wiper would leave party and then search for groups who could kill fast enough to bypass having to learn those mechanics. This continued until someone got the point across in 1 sentence of the chat. Additionally when the games intended assists like red zones on the floor, skill indicators and Iframe notifications would lag the game causing a wipe anyway. Its a recipe for disaster especially with how some bosses took 5 minutes to wear down to that wipe phase. If the int
  2. Were inventories wiped with the bans? If so 3-7 day bans seems sensible to me. If you ban forever they'll just go and abuse and cheat on the new account.
  3. lots of badly configured lod's on dof and post processing effects. Thats going to be a headache to fine tune for developers. But most UE4 games need a few hours of fine tweaking .ini/.cfg to get an end result thats massively more eye catching with much higher fps than what developers are capable of. Textures are low detail (nvm, i noticed it was popin rather than low res textures.) Though some textures still look poor. Theres an overall improvement. Characters seem to have a persistent light on them. It kind of removes the immersion of them being apart of the environment. :(
  4. Also I've led some partys in MSP where at the last minute people have asked me to include in thier friends or threatened to leave if i didnt include/wait for "insert playername" to finish thier dungeon. I think its a luck of the draw thing BUT it doesnt seem common place for me yet. Most people still take whatever they can get and are'nt picky on gears. Not using simpe mode, i did include simple mode in my tests after the patch because i just couldnt beleive the hit my build prepatch took and went searching for every conceivable answer. This was with balefull 11/12 btw. now im on Arans
  5. Wind Summoners got a humongous nerf with the awakened skill update. (My dps went from 88k to 44k after the update). Earth summoner on the same gear was about 58k. Anyway all i can say is keep at it and keep trying if you can. Maybe its time NC actually removed the ability to inspect players gear and view dps meters or atleast sound a warning to the community about what they stand to loose if they're not more supportive of new comers. Slightly off topic i was in a funny MSP group yesterday where the party lead was swapping highest dps players in between party 1 and party
  6. Follow the story quest (yellow) for now.. I think its safe to say most of your gear will be replaced by the rewards in the story quest. With only breeze accesories still being useful for future acesory upgrades. (check the equipment upgrade path guide. Its a button at the bottom of the inventory to get an idea of what you can throw away)
  7. I like the mechanics of the boss but the issue is the lag. This isnt graphics lag this is just outright press buttons and not having them register. I would hope the wipe mechanic gets removed if the developers never aim to resolve the long standing issue this game has had with unresponsive button presses due to server delay. The only other times ive died is when i ran out of Iframes from stealing agro as a summoner. I really hope UE4 brings an improvement to button registration.
  8. Could've avoided the frustration by putting a password on the channel then inspecting/pm'ing people the password. Or just recruit through the server side dragon pillar. You already have a few tools to avoid this so i'd rather you find the existing solutions seeing as the game is already rife with problems that dont have any work arounds.
  9. I honestly want them to normalise all dungeons like this aswell (including the blue grade) Then give us weekly/daily point system the same as warframes nightwave point distribution.
  10. Im angry, i bought resets for cs and HM in the past and painfully farmed those orbs from Zaiwei ruins solo and to have them become useless as they have been. Absolute betrayal.. Its like this company just takes our money, effort and time and then destroys the value of all that hard work.
  11. Every person i know suffers this problem frequently since the last update. getting crashes during the longgui fight. So far i've only noticed it occuring with friends who have windows 10 + Intel CPU + more than 8gb of ram + Nvidia GPUS 960, 970, 1050ti and 980. It doesnt matter what client of BNS they're running either im afraid both 32bit and 64bit versions of the game are having crashes. Even with them running the graphic settings at level 1. Personally my game is completely pausing for as long as 15 seconds during the sacred longgui fight. Although i havent suffered any c
  12. I think this is caused by a bug with computer timezone setting being out of sync with the server time zone. Had the exact same issue in the past with other servers. Can you try setting your windows time zone to the same as the game servers time zone? I cant garuntee this will work though as i never tried actually solve it myself i just accepted the items as gone.
  13. Installed the launcher 2 fine and everything going well until it just gets stuck in the middle of updating.. 33% (668.2mb) restarted several times already... :( it just doesnt want to finish downloading the update.
  14. It will improve performance, especially with memory usage and loading speeds through demand data streaming. Based on the perfomance of the current engine i'd say you should see an improvement in performance across the board. The concern would be if the developers use the gains UE4 brings to just beef up the graphics for everyone in which case older hardware just wont see the benefits. UE4 developers struggle at times to cut out some of the un-neccesary visual noise that bogs down performance. Every single surface, mesh and decal has its own set of some 20-80 variables that can be adjus
  15. No need for a new mouse at all.. You can do an instant quick turn if you set camera mode to classic in game settings then just use right mouse button to flip your character to the direction of the camera. A few pro's use this in PVP competitive. It does ttake some getting used to.
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