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  1. Punctuation, spelling, spacing and proper grammer also tells the readers that you've put care and thought into what you've written.
  2. It's not very helpful when the link expires... But hey i guess Knaxxxx is just kinda guy who will be happy to update the post in a month, 2 months 3 months with an updated discord link.
  3. Farewell hime, thanks for your contributions over these years. Welcome Green Storm. Hope your ambitions for the community are able to be fullfilled.
  4. god why do people keep linking discord ==
  5. wow, i would've thought they would have atleast given us step ups in gear/accesories or weapons for that money. Is the BP like this in Korea too?
  6. Would love to read more details on how everything evolved. I always felt annoyed that we have skill cd resets, animation cancelling, wall banging, ultimate skills and then 3rd specs came. I thought "how will PVP survive this". So far its a great read but. What do you think the solution would be? Building 'realmrift supply chain' style content? ***rants*** It seems like the game has also had a vacuum of useful information. I cant find out anything about recent content through google anymore. Even youtube searches lead to outdated or poorly made l
  7. Merry Christmas to my beloved Blade and Soul team and community members
  8. Guess thats why so many games now have the cheats built into the game themselves. Perhaps they need to review what Warframe has done as the game is literally cheat free. But then everything can die in 1 hit so theres no reason to chase magically higher dps numbers.
  9. I think theres coincidentally truth to that. Just got the 1 hp bug in my group at 6000hp Was getting the lag moments through out the fight. Then at the end even though only taking 1 hp per hit his hp was going down 500 pts a second. seems a bit out of this world that a group of 12 could hit a boss 300 times each second. During the last trove too i went a full month without having any issues at all in Koldrakes. Funny though asking us to avoid koldrakes. The issue is not always present. Yesterday my summoner went twice and both times had no lag by my dancer did get the lag. It
  10. Somethings not right if its taking forever to load. How much ram does your system have spare? On my old i5 4590 (8gb ram) windows 7. It loaded atrociously slowly. When i increased the ram that sped it up substantially.
  11. lol.. Half my runs i have to afk because pressing buttons does nothing... untill he does the tail swipe where i can maybe get 1 or 2 hits in. before the unresponsive skills kicks in again. The games netcode is broken and Koldrakes is the prime example of where we see it break. Its depressing sitting there at the tail spamming buttons and nothing happens.
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