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  1. Could've avoided the frustration by putting a password on the channel then inspecting/pm'ing people the password. Or just recruit through the server side dragon pillar. You already have a few tools to avoid this so i'd rather you find the existing solutions seeing as the game is already rife with problems that dont have any work arounds.
  2. I honestly want them to normalise all dungeons like this aswell (including the blue grade) Then give us weekly/daily point system the same as warframes nightwave point distribution.
  3. Day 2 with no F10 CS/HM orbs!! YOYL!! :))

    Im angry, i bought resets for cs and HM in the past and painfully farmed those orbs from Zaiwei ruins solo and to have them become useless as they have been. Absolute betrayal.. Its like this company just takes our money, effort and time and then destroys the value of all that hard work.
  4. Freezes/Lock ups/Crashes in MSP

    Every person i know suffers this problem frequently since the last update. getting crashes during the longgui fight. So far i've only noticed it occuring with friends who have windows 10 + Intel CPU + more than 8gb of ram + Nvidia GPUS 960, 970, 1050ti and 980. It doesnt matter what client of BNS they're running either im afraid both 32bit and 64bit versions of the game are having crashes. Even with them running the graphic settings at level 1. Personally my game is completely pausing for as long as 15 seconds during the sacred longgui fight. Although i havent suffered any crashes on my system. Im running AMD 580 with windows 7 and 64bit game client with graphics at max level with exception of skill/monster/personal effects which are set at level 1, I have those options disabled and still get the pauses. I didnt get the pauses before the Legacy update. I suspect a different bug has crept into the game thats causing this as it seems strictly a problem in longgui, other 12 man and group areas dont suffer this long stutter.
  5. I think this is caused by a bug with computer timezone setting being out of sync with the server time zone. Had the exact same issue in the past with other servers. Can you try setting your windows time zone to the same as the game servers time zone? I cant garuntee this will work though as i never tried actually solve it myself i just accepted the items as gone.
  6. New launcher

    Installed the launcher 2 fine and everything going well until it just gets stuck in the middle of updating.. 33% (668.2mb) restarted several times already... :( it just doesnt want to finish downloading the update.
  7. New class Archer. LOOKS GOOD! :O

    It will improve performance, especially with memory usage and loading speeds through demand data streaming. Based on the perfomance of the current engine i'd say you should see an improvement in performance across the board. The concern would be if the developers use the gains UE4 brings to just beef up the graphics for everyone in which case older hardware just wont see the benefits. UE4 developers struggle at times to cut out some of the un-neccesary visual noise that bogs down performance. Every single surface, mesh and decal has its own set of some 20-80 variables that can be adjusted to improve performance. Additionally UE4 offers allot of "visual effects" onto the game image that many developers just cant resist not turning off from my experience. Just make sure you're vocal with your feedback when the update finally does come as theres allot of performance you can extract from this engine.
  8. No need for a new mouse at all.. You can do an instant quick turn if you set camera mode to classic in game settings then just use right mouse button to flip your character to the direction of the camera. A few pro's use this in PVP competitive. It does ttake some getting used to.
  9. Why do you think they're not progressing? I dont beleive its laziness as i myself am currently at a brick wall and having no success in passing it. I cant find groups to run dungeons. Those groups i do find are with other weak players who dont stick around or quit while still in looking to fill the group. I have a couple of friends i play with. 1 of Whom is absolutely traumatised by his experiences with Foundry, Lair to actually run them ever again. Some dungeons and mechanics just arent fun and the reliance on some classes to do all the work (kfms tank, buffs etc) that make these mechanics trivial compared to others. Remember when even blue dungeons were part of daily challenge? Those days were fun and even though they were blue dungeons players were still getting killed by mobs and mechanics. How exactly did we get to this point we are at now though where we basically need Aransu/raven to find groups to clear the dc?
  10. This is not something thats very healthy for Blade and soul though. The less time i spend in Blade and soul the less likely i am to be to be a part of the community and invest back into it. Blade and Soul is one of my favourite games of all time however i have found it less and less able to satisfy me because 1) Server still has desync issues whereby boss animations and effects dont match with hitboxes of attacks. Making dungeon mechanic executions guess work. 2) Character growth is extremely slow to non existent for certain power spikes. 3) Combos being distrupted by lag and server ping spikes. 4) It offers nothing in the way of alternative content that i can turn to when i've had enough of dealing with the 3 above problems.
  11. Wow is it possible for a player with 150ish ping non raven to beat floor 20 Mushins? I disagree entirely. Because this game has been designed around power growth. Warframe has shown the best way forward for an MMO (by its continued growth) is to build the game outwards rather than upwards. (dont make gear stronger just offer more variety so when people return they actually have something new to do while still having access to things they find familiar. Then you're letting everyone progress at their own pace and within their own capacity. No one gets left behind when they've returned from a long break in the game. They can get straight into the new stuff without having to go straight into grind the same dungeon they were grinding on before they had a break/burnout. Now if Blade and Soul didnt have such a huge discrepancy in gear I would feel more towards agreeing with you. But its not, so we have to compromise with putting dungeons like Awaken Necropolis into daily challenge.
  12. Celestial basin i've farmed that place already to death sadly nothing much there left. Even the material boxes have lost value as im swimming in them. AP is 1.2k but i dont see how it makes any difference when everything across all AP ranges is largely the same. Sounds like you havent done Baylee lately. Its camped by a bunch of people who virtually 1 hit the boss. Not surprising really considering the evolved stone drops along with the power level of the community has made it untouchable. He was a good boss in the past. Same story with allot of silverfrost content with global players. People are 1 shotting anything. Meteors in soulstone plains is a great suggestion,I used to like running the blue quests in silverfrost mountains however they've been removed? ugh.. My achievement are current sitting on 2,736 i've done most achievements up to silverfrost content. Even cleared all the tedious soulshield and dungeon hunts. /rant/ Whats the point of lower level content if the people its designed for cant do it and the only ones taking advantage of it are clearing it in 1 hit? Developers really need to reduce the gap of weapon difference. It seems to have gotten out of control.
  13. Had a tiring day at work and am absolutely lost of what to do right now. Is there anything meaningful ingame thats low intensity? Im not in the mood right now for high intensity stuff that requires rushing and timely button combos. Is that all that Blade and Soul offers? I know some games have fishing, slow hunting, or just chilled dancing or exploring the map.
  14. Oh wow.. I wish i knew this sooner.. I fell right into this trap after a long time out of the game.
  15. I've been following BNS e-sports since the game was first released in Korea and i dont recall 1 occasion where the clan championships ever received english commentary. I also dont recall qualifier tournaments getting english either. Though i do know there was occasional community discord/youtube channels that did do thier own commentary after the event.