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  1. Reason why BnS won't lose many players

    i thought it was because most the "players" are bots. i know damn well this game doesnt actually have 2 mill players.
  2. FM or WL?

    basically what im getting from this is, warlocks kind of suck.
  3. Not sure what to do :(

    Old man cho.
  4. Not sure what to do :(

    So turns out all my IRL friends do not want to play this amazing game. I pretty much always play with IRL friends because it makes the game much more enjoyable for me. I am sure there are some people out there that just play a game by themselves.... So to those people, how do you put yourself in a spot to find consistent people to play with? Or do you just learn not to rely on other ppl for you to enjoy the game fully?
  5. Bid System is Bad

    i actually love the bid system, and its even hilarious at times. was playing with a friend earlier in a dungeon and it was just the funniest shit seeing people bid on stuff
  6. Blade And Soul : Launch

    i'll enjoy it more if they let me delete a character i wont be using so i can play with friends :/
  7. 6 days to delete a level 20...

    ya this is really annoying. i cant even play with my f2p friends because i cant make another character. they really need to do SOMETHING about this.