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  1. Seraph

    Is there a chance we get skins of these weapons in F10 in the near future? Have they already been put once in F10 or not?
  2. When you realise..

    Just deleted game and chars, it feels fantastic, trust me it really does.
  3. Another nice outfit stuffed into a RNG Box again

    As long as people buy them there's gonna be 0 improvement. I mean if you mindlessly go and buy those boxes why should they change their business model, when they can just milk people?
  4. One of the worst mmorpgs I've ever played.

    It may be bad all you want, it won't be as bad as those MMORPGs where the mob starts the auto-attack animation and hits your even though you're 10 Parsec away. This reason is enough to keep people playing this game.
  5. So Bms now top dps

  6. Just a word, sins troll people in 6v6 because summoners don't stop hitting into their counters, not only summoners ,but mostly them. If people did know some basic PvP sins wouldn't be able to troll ad much. That said destro too OP.
  7. Infinity Tower "balance"

    I don't understand how can people defend the summoner.
  8. Summoner DPS

    DPS meter couldn't handle the OPness. KappaPride
  9. All Pro Warlock Player SAD

    The problem is not the problem, the problem is how you face the problem.
  10. 100 wins?

    Agree with you, but some people are way too impatient; hence these kind of posts.
  11. Gems

    Anyone knows if there're gonna be any new gems into future events (Ruby, acqua, amethyst)? Cheers.
  12. Why is trove a thing then? I mean , it makes this game so *cricket*ing easy.
  13. Do people still play this game?

    Offtopic, are you a summoner?