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  1. I haven't been able to find the Empress' New Clothes & Crown outfit in game since the beta, did they remove it?
  2. Fix the queue times.

    See, this is why I got my master pack refunded and didn't buy another pack or bother with the head start, and why I don't plan on buying premium. Been waiting for about an hour and a half, and the status is 1484 in the non premium queue line with 1503 non premium members in the line at 7:09 PM central time, says I will be waiting 156 minutes right now, but over the time I've been in the queue it's switched to 376, back down to 123 and once hit 2156 minutes for the estimated wait time, and originally I was #1276 in the queue line. How I went BACKWARDS in the queue, I've no clue... It can't make up it's mind. As for premium wait time, it's said there are 391 premium members waiting for the ENTIRE time I've been in queue. So basically, buying premium won't benefit me at all. I still won't get in without stupidly long queue times, and any premium time purchased won't make that go down. The premium line is shorter, but they get in less frequently, so it's EXACTLY THE SAME as not being premium.
  3. Dungeon Cutscenes

    I agree with this. Like I personally wan't to watch every cut scene at least once, usually the first time I've done a dungeon. I don't mind if people want to watch it the first time either. I don't want to watch every cut scene every time, but I do want it to be MY choice to skip, and not everyone else choosing to skip for me.
  4. How come B&S runs so bad

    We'll see how the beta works, I only had bad lag once in the beta and your PC is actually really good. It could be your connection as well, there are a LOT of factor's that go into connection quality. You need to check: 1 - Your virus protection/firewall software. Make sure it doesn't think BnS is a malicious software, otherwise it'll cause problems or outright kill it regularly. 2 - Your internet connection and speed. You may need a new modem, your connection may just be too slow, you may be having issues in your area right now. Also, go with a WIRED connection. I have a lot of friends who play these games using a wireless connection, and they all have more connection issues than I do. I'm wired btw. 3 - Your video card and PC specs. It may just be a simple matter of upgrading one component, technology is always adapting. 4 - Make sure your room mates aren't downloading porn, gaming themselves or streaming. Heavy traffic can adversely affect your game. Like I would not play from my friend Jamaal's house because he and his room mate consistently have at least 9 devices on his internet running between the two of them, then there are the other two room mates who have their crap running and any of us that are over there gaming with them... Yes their net's pretty good, but it's still got a max amount of bandwidth to make us all share, when I can split split my 12 mbs with my room mate so I constantly have 6mbs speed all to myself. I definitely prefer my house for gaming for that reason, no internet traffic. 5 - Back ground processes or applications. You should check what is set on your startup menu and see what all is generally running at a time. Kill what you don't need. Take all these things into account.
  5. It doesn't seem that expensive to me... Plus everything you can buy there is pretty much vanity, so it isn't really p2w if we're talking about costumes. If you want to talk about p2w, then you want to address things like elite status bonuses, purchasable consumable bundles, purchasable consumables that are better than consumables and only available if you buy them with money, etc. And those things SHOULD be a bit more expensive. I'm fine with the prices honestly. Wish we had a bit more variety but meh. It'll come with time.
  6. Bidding system

    I do like the system, but I see potential for problems. -PROS- - It's kind of good because it's refreshing and original. You have to bid on an item to get it, using money directly. Awesome. - It's simple and easy to use. You just hit a button and bid money, just keep track of how much you have. -CONS- - It's heavily biased and gives a massive unfair advantage to players with more gold. If someone wants to gear up an alt, they are going to send X amount of gold to that character so it can just out bid everyone. It's going to be like smurfing, and it's going to really hurt newer players at any level. - It's slow and tedious. There is no upper cap for how much you can bid on something, and bidding can go on forever practically. It's actually kind of obnoxious when you have to deal with it. - It hurts group play. I've run into a lot of groups where one or two people will just run on ahead and continue clearing the dungeon while people are trying to out bid each other at the previous room. The bidding can take a while I know, but starting a boss fight that explodes the dungeon at a point doesn't seem like a good alternative. It's actually pretty rude, but preventing the entire party from advancing would be just as problematic if not more so. All in all, I feel like this system has potential, but needs to be tweaked a bit.
  7. .... No. The alpha and beta tests are for finding bugs, exploits, errors and testing the game in a real environment. That's how it's always been and will always be. That's why there is also going to be an early launch after the alpha and beta's. Now, please explain how allowing founder pack purchasers to re-use their weapon skin's would be exploiting? We did pay money for the packs. We paid to get these things. It is not exploiting for us to expect our dollar's worth. To be honest, I would not have shelled out the money for the master pack if I was aware that all of these bonuses were one time only. The extra bank slots should be account wide, the weapon skins should be re-usable and able to be gained on each character as much as I want, and the armor skins should be account wide so every one of my characters can be a wild west cowboy, because it's not like I could give the thing away or any of it gives me an unfair advantage, but if I get a better weapon at any point and want to get rid of my current one, I don't need to lose this super rare weapon skin. The fact of the matter is that it's a terrible decision that's going to put off the player base from spending money on BnS products in the future, because no one will be certain if they are going to get jibbed by their purchase or not.
  8. Remove Game Guard

    Yes. That's what it was designed to do, locate and shut these game clients down, and then the people running the game can perma ban them, or IP ban if it gets serious enough.
  9. Remove Game Guard

    Honestly, it may just be the fact that you are using skype. Skype is a known resource hog, and game guard works in a way that prevents people from just closing and reopening their clients. It stops exploits etc etc etc, but if your game crashes while it's going, you have to restart. That's just how it works. Don't use skype while playing, there are quite a number of alternatives that are less resource heavy, compatible with multiple OS's (for all you Linux heretics), compatible with GG AND remain free to use. And another point that I noticed no one brought up, Skype runs independently of the game and it's resources, and is not able to be monitored or kept in check through it. In a lot of e-sports, players actively cheat using Skype for this reason, and so a lot of e-sports don't let you use Skype unless they set up the call themselves. You can ghost on Skype fairly easily, for example. If I were you, I'd just not run Skype. It's honestly that simple. If you don't use Skype, your PC specs and your internet is up to the task then you should run the game fine. If GG still shuts you down... well there's probably a good reason it's doing it and you should just stop. I've never seen anyone just get shut down by GG that wasn't trying to something at least a little underhanded.