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  1. This is a pretty lonely game...

    Basically.. the game is "dead", mainly for the PvP aspect of the game, though people currently playing will not tell you that. I haven't played and checked how it's been doing in almost 2 months, but even back then I noticed the playerbase dwindling. What you see now is the aftermath of a game using GameGuard and what seemed to be a company who didn't care. The attraction of this game for many people was the PvP, however due to the above.. PvP was destroyed completely, literally no point. So now the only people playing is those who prefer PvE or just to play dress-up with their characters. The game probably won't die due to those people, but it will never really thrive either. I remember release and even a few months after, the game was alive.. despite gold spammers and bots running rampant, people were talking in faction chat constantly.. you'd see so many people running around, even in the weirdest of places you'd find someone. Arena was fun despite there being balance issues, and Gold didn't matter much even back then since it's so easy to get. However now, no rank really matters since you can just farm bot fodder until you reach the hackers. Anyway, the reason I quit was I'm guessing the reason most people quit, it finally got to a point where I just gave up, I got sick of all the Destroyer bots and zero cooldown Summoners in arena.. tired of the gold spammers.. seeing bots everywhere.. and for the most part, I got tired of how it seemed like nothing was being done to prevent any of it.
  2. NCSoft Incentive WTF?

    Are people seriously salty over that shit? LOL. I quit 4-5 months ago when hackers and bots were more prominent. I was deciding to come back and see if they were mostly gone considering I knew there was going to be a huge player-base drop.. so I randomly checked my email a day before and realized I had 2 emails. One email was for being inactive for so long, and another was for signing up to the newsletter a long time ago. The reward for being inactive is: 7-day Premium Membership 400 Hongmoon Coin to spend in our Hongmoon Store Weapon Upgrade Box (Fiery Nebula Stone 3x) 10 Double-XP Traditional Hongmoon Dragon Soup 10 Repair Tools 10 Hongmoon Unsealing Charms 10 Hongmoon Keys 1 Hongmoon Brilliant Cinderlands Key 1 Hongmoon Brilliant Moonwater Key 1 Hongmoon Pentagonal Diamond 1 Hongmoon Pentagonal Amethyst 10 Festival Experience Charms While the reward for the newsletter sign-up is: Black Penguin Pet I noticed when I was asking in-game if it was worth it to ditch a character that had all this stuff, people were whispering me and being salty asking where I got it and "wtf"s everywhere. I lvled a SF to 23 and realized I didn't like the class at all, the only thing that made me think about not deleting the character was the Fiery Nebula Stones, since I didn't really know how good they were/are. I ended up deleting the character with everything on it in the end anyway, because I just don't care much about the things listed here besides premium lmfao.
  3. Another stuck at 99% download topic..

    Nevermind, it finally finished downloading. I restarted the launcher and left it minimized, then went afk and didn't touch anything for about 30 minutes.. came back and it finished itself somehow. So if anyone else sees this and is having the same problem, give it a try.
  4. I've read multiple threads on this forum and other sites, and not one got a response so I'm guessing I won't get one either but it's worth a try. So I decided to come back to Bots & Soul and see if the hackfest has ended yet, took forever to download the client again through the launcher with my horrible net and then when I get to 99% on Stage 2... The download speed literally plummets until it slowly reaches Bytes until finally there's no download speed shown at all. It just stays like that no matter how long I wait. I've tried repairing files, restarting launcher, restarting computer, flushing DNS, turning off DEP, turning off antivirus and windows defender, waiting, restarting net, running as administrator, running in compatibility mode for XP/Vista/97.... and so on. The only thing I haven't and won't try is re-downloading since it will take too long and not worth it since it'd likely do it again anyway. Is there a fix for this, or am I just not going to be able to play? lol.
  5. What a masterpiece of a class.

    Oh god.... this irony is going to be the death of me. As if what you're saying doesn't make it seem you feel better to announce your minority preference and pretend in your imagination it's the majority preference on this game. Funny thing is, most of the people playing B&S (or at least before it became bots & soul) only cares/cared about PvP bruh. I'm coming back solely for PvP and if there's still hacks, bots, and all the other shit I'm leaving once again.
  6. Outfit Mail Stamp Problems

    I only bought 3 just to test it out on Regium's accessory yesterday, good thing I didn't buy more. Really disappointed Regium Corvus can't be transferred, I mean they did say special event costumes so I just assumed it would definitely count as one. The stamps are a source of income for NC now, that's why lol.
  7. Wolfskin Costume drop rate

    The full set was hell for me to get, if I'm remembering correctly, it took me 174 essences lmfao. The thing is a friend of mine got the whole set in only 15-20 essences, so it's all up to RNGesus.
  8. so, are all costumes gonna be like this?

    Sigh.. I knew this would happen. All the OP wanted was for less-sexualized costumes to be released here and there and that's totally fine, but then of course as expected someone has to come in with "they're treating (pixels) women like sexual objects!".
  9. Whats Servers are Full/Long queues?

    Right now, Poharan has a 1222 non-premium / 359 premium queue. From 2-12 am EST there is no queue, if there is it's a very short wait time.. stays like that most of the day up until peak, which is 7 pm - 12 am EST. The queue has went down tremendously on Poharan these last few days, I don't know if it's due to people leaving the server because of all these gold spammers taking up all of both faction chats or if it's due to the hype slowly fading as expected.
  10. Blocklist is full, spammers are all over my chat..>_>

    Inb4 merge.. but yea, gold bots have taken over Poharan too. There's literally over 50 bots spam advertising in both faction chats, it's next to impossible to even read or say anything as of today. Blocking them doesn't help at this point because they somehow have 5-10 new characters coming in as soon as you block them.
  11. Oceanic players unite!

    I remember seeing a reply to this subject already, though the OP was asking something slightly different, here's what Omeed said.
  12. Server down or crashed ?

    Everyone should prepare for insane queues lmfao. Inb4 12 hour queue on Poharan... sigh.
  13. Server down or crashed ?

    After 40+ mins..