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  1. Discuss Poharan's Gender

    And cut the balls off at the age of <9 to keep the high pitched voice? Definitely a female, a granddaughter of the pirate boss.
  2. Discuss Poharan's Gender

    Exactly this. Make sure to visit the poor girl in December.
  3. Discuss Poharan's Gender

    That's just to point out that her costume flattens the breasts which you can see while wearing it as a Jin.
  4. Discuss Poharan's Gender

    This should make any concerns go away.
  5. ** TO THE STAFF ** Thank you

    They have to do their stuff first before asking devs for new features. Stuff like making the content more or less up to date and the servers stable.
  6. ** TO THE STAFF ** Thank you

    To put it simply. They gotta roll every patch out one by one, because if anything *cricket*s itself up, they'll at least know what is it. Otherwise you could be having 3-4 day long maintenances fixing possible exploits.
  7. How can I get higher FPS

    I don't. Next time use "many people".
  8. Match Making is ridiculous

    and says that it's killing games. seriously git gud or don't go to PVP. u have to understand ALL classes, not just your own. also suggesting u to be lvl45.
  9. Match Making is ridiculous

    git gud. i'm gold and never was matched against anyone higher than gold.
  10. Let me draw your Lyn

    This isn't really a request, but I'm curious what do you think of them, so if you are willing to, I'd be more than pleased to see how would you draw them o3o First: Forcemaster Second: Blade Dancer
  11. The Radiant Ring has a bug

    this. I found myself buying recipes for 16 silver just to see that it's bugged and I won't make it anyway. The whole two categories are missing.
  12. Foundes weapons and costumes on all characters

    I'm not a founder, yet I agree with your idea. I've already seen people saying that they've lost their founder weapon skin, just because it's one-time use.
  13. Starfall Crater Unstable Server

    Agreed, first time got stuck in a location entrance, then disconnected after 10 minutes of chatting, because I couldn't do anything, now I was being pulled back to where I was 2 minutes ago, disconnected 2 more times and now I couldn't even connect anymore.
  14. On the sidenote, I've noticed that if you don't use the .thm file it actually uses the image as the preview. It's even less complicated this way!