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  1. NA KR or EU ?

  2. [Suggestion] Unity xp daily cap => weekly cap

    For me the cap is kinda low, last day i missed another 100k unity, because i play to much.
  3. happy holidays not existing anymore in west

    U are pretty uninformed, that's not a real xmas outfit, that outfit released in KR first in SPRING event.
  4. free holidays costumes in cashshop? what? this disgusting.... NA/EU 2018 halloween - first time no free halloween costume KR 2018 NA/EU 2018 christmas - yup fist time no free christmas costume KR 2018
  5. Treasuere tove a rip off or not?

    80key used and zero 2-or3 star crit, only the fixed one and that is sucks to... maybe im unlucky
  6. Producer’s Letter – December 2018 Update

    KR fixing skills every week and december update is still 5 week ahead... the 1 year old Thailand server is getting awaken in november update. Poor west dont get nothing just p2w events:(
  7. Where is new KR bathing suit??

    lol man.... summer season last day is september 23
  8. I love this game :) <3

    BNS2 is a mobil game and its coming next year. BNS is redone with UE4 engine and its coming next year.
  9. Console release

    Guys, console release is using Unreal Engine 4.
  10. Blade and Soul must be optimized as soon as possible

    Optimisation is coming soon in Korean server, entire game is redone and converted to the Unreal Engine 4!
  11. Game Optimization

    Optimisation only exist in korea server, because kr client ten times better than ours.
  12. combined gems

    KR have this gems to, but deleted making this gems, some characters still wearing this special gems.
  13. Update of the Game Engine

    Game client in KR is much better. When you running in the map the animation is much faster and better, and skill animation to. I say the KR client the best.
  14. These outfit rotations.. -.-'

    New original outfits releasing next week! Only for RNG milking BOX!! YEA!!!
  15. For this week's rotation: NO old/ugly cosmetics!

    New original outfits releasing next week! Only for RNG milking BOX!! YEA!!!