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  1. Which way do you like it?

    I prefer to learn during combat. It makes fight more fun, since you don't know what will happen and need to adapt during fight. I remember my first try on Raijin (and generally Lab) week after update, because I felt my gear wasn't sufficient. I didn't lose extra life and ended soloing this boss, since 2 other members got killed and other 3 ppl team was occupied by Fujin. After that I made some more runs and realised Raijin was harder one. I personally doesn't like term PUG. It sounds like excuse for hardcore players to dish other casual, but still competitive players. As long as people don't give up and try to learn patterns, I don't care how many times we need to redo.
  2. I'm really dissapointed in how you, NC, manages matter of bots/gold sellers/hackers etc. You sugarcoat us by telling things that are lies and totally takes no action whatsoever. On 5th March I reporter gold sellers, then again on 23th April. Got reply: After that I took a little break from game. Today I loged and they are still here. At this point it's clear you don't care to deal with this issue and your long term plan is just sitting still waiting for them to die natural death. I think my patience reached some limits. This is just bullcricket (yeah you like crickets). Knowing how you usually respond, this topic will be deleted and I banned, because I bad mouth your innocent company, which is weird since I'm telling truth. You won't tell us what you're doing (or not doing) and I see no progress, so yeah it may be not THE truth, but at least it's my truth. People usually say bad things about Nexon. I spent 3 years playing their games before got enough. You just reached new game killing achievement, because you got same effect on me in 3 months. Bravo *clap clap*. As for forumers lurking here and there, taking pleasure from post counting, trolling and causing dramas, I ask you of your experiences with presented issue. Are you satisfied with current state of game and NC management or maybe not? Please discuss while this topic still lasts, before inevitable censorship hits it.
  3. Help me pick new class

    I know you can deal with them easily e.g. stomp pull [V], tiger strike [2], searing blow [F], can kill them fast. I meant more situations where you cannot pull all mobs to you and they are attacking you. You remember desert docks KFM boss with cannon minions spawning all time (Naryu Temple). It's really hard for KFM, because you need to fight boss and dodge attacks from all around. Unless you can one shot monsters and move to another with RMB or TAB, you will be attacked by other social/aggro taken mobs. And Q,E skills also have cooldown, so saying you can depend on them like they are spamable is not right. You can counter what's in front of you, so any back attack will hurt you. As mentioned above Ploggles, they don't move at all and spam their skills. Fighting them one on one and move to another is option without boss, but with boss around it won't be so easy.
  4. Bots In Pvp, Pve And Everywhere

    Welcome to "Bots & Sold".
  5. Help me pick new class

    I would say KFM. It's fun to play, but not for all situations. PVE you can solo, but not if there are many oponents. You have your aoe skills but they are still in melee range. You have counter but you cannot counter attacks that come one after another, especially from various directions. As example in 3rd room of Naryu temple (Durlock route) you get Orb to destroy with a lot of Fire Ploggles running in circle. Now KFM if you go solo you're dead before you kill Orb. Summoner can use Petal Storm and ignore fire attacks. FM use barrier and same effect. Destro red spin (Q), BM can set lightening circle and finish quicker orb or attack Ploggles in that time. BD can parry (spin2win). WL can Spiritualize or blow up summon for extra damage. As for KFM you don't have any long range skills or protective skills that allows you dps at same time. You either dodge and attack or wait for attack and counter. So yeah it's good class and fun to play, but not very easy, especially against many/ranged oponents. Also leveling is quite long comparing to other classes because you cannot pull large aggro on yourself. PVP is tactical. You won't sit comfortable pressing buttons and win. You need to read oponent and use skills correctly. Every mistake may end in you losing. On top of that you need to learn 3RF, which is not easy and if you lose your cool you will press buttons in wrong order :) You can PvP without 3RF but it's longer and more risky. Regardless it feels rewarding when you learn how to play KFM. Although you may have problems with freezing FMs or stealth Sins. About owPVP I would say KFM is worst thing. Other players won't play on your rules pulling mobs on you or ganking. And since you're 1v1 class you will die quickly. Didn't play mush Assassin, so cannot say much. Personally dislike "ninja" themed playstyle. And you will get hard time with summoners. Thing is game matches players in terms of "equality". Assassins have stealth, Summoners too. So most of your matches will end that way.
  6. For me factions looks like fan groups of Hansu and Sansu (or whatever names they have). They're best friends, wlaking together all time despite being in oposite factions. So logical explatation would be that they made a bet who gets more followers (on FB, lol). They're recruiting left and right, and their followers are typical fanboys causing flame war everywhere they can.
  7. Classes to instantly leave in 1v1

    I'm not losing on purpose. I didn't take topic title literally making answer. It's more like they make me want to leave. I keep trying till end but BD are mostly not killable for close combat character (KFM). Too much immunity. If by chance I manage to break parry and hit stun, then I have chance, unless I get delays and they get on foot and spin again.
  8. EU Pvp Boycott?

    Dunno, it's not like game stop existing if people will not do PvP or quit. There is over 40k PvP ranked players. That's a bit much to expects from. I made Summoner. At least I can own players 11-12 level higher (was lv. 33 now lv. 35) spamming buttons. With my KFM there is too much things to think during fight, and stun based damage too technical to execute. So yeah, just make Summoner and farm Soulstones easily. Lag, no lag, you can manage.
  9. Classes to instantly leave in 1v1

    For me it's blade dancers. They are immune to damage and CC mechanics 99% of battle. They parry everything while staying still, running, laying on ground. And constantly juggle you. FM are also annoying with freeze, but some are manageable using a lot of iframe moves to get close to them.
  10. EU Pvp Boycott?

    Boycoting doesnt change anything. People with no problems will just play each others. Soulstone price will go up, coz of les people farming, and no-Pvp players will starve feeding gold into those doing PvP. Double win for them. Also EU is not one nation to go with one voice and do things. Minority will do while majority stay as it is now and nothing will change. I agree that NC should fix they latency problems, because lags, delays, freezes are more pshing away that runing wild bots and spammers.
  11. Bot's are pretending to be actual players.

    Today I fought Destroyer bot in Arena gold rank. Only way I noticed it's a bot is because of obvious bot name (something like: ppolppk) and a bit mechanical moves especially when turning around.
  12. The matter of Maintenance

    My question was rethorical but thx anyway. You play on NA server. I've heard from other players that even from EU playing in NA is more stable than our servers. I played 1st CBT in NA and that was as well best experience. After 2nd CBT things go downhill.
  13. Hello, I don't want to flame, because I'm patient kind of guy, but I'm aware this topic will be contoversial. I want to ask NC, why you do maintenance for? I played today before maintenance and game worked fine. Fine as always with skill desync/delays. Now after maintenance it lags and freezes on EU server. I see 40-50 FPS on screen but my eyes show me frames. I even thought I've got disconnected at some point when by screen froze for 10 seconds. Playing is not impossible, but really risky and uncomfortable. I understand that current one was made to remove Valentines stuff, but why every single maintenance brakes game even further? I used to play it in high settings at start, and now I'm forced to play in combat mode all time. But even that is not enough to fight lags/freezes etc. I don't know if that sounds offensive, but you start to look like Nexon, which with every Wednesday's maintenance broke server stability (past tense since I don't play their games anymore) and got forced to many "emergency maintenances" which sometimes helped breaking some game mechanics elsewhere. I would be glad to play on stable, laggless server with no PvP or PvE delays, but I guess I'm asking for too much. Regardless, would be nice if servers would get some letfover love from Valentines. Healthy server breeds more happy players. Cheers
  14. It's valentines. Looks like hamsters decided to get more intimate and stopped running :D
  15. Failed to connect to server

    That's funny because this kind of jokes were/are made towards Nexon. I got so fond of them that most time I mistake NC and curse Nexon instead, lol :D