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  1. I already quit some days ago but i login just vote this another one absurd about BnS :)
  2. ahahaha The happiest people are those who believe in the rose world :)
  3. ahahahah time to say good buy guys , i love the game but its time... cya if something change
  4. You are kidding ;) i report the some bots every single day and the some bost are there maybe 10 days or more :) if u think report shit do something u are wrong :) And .. speadhackers i cant select them with ESC so i cant report. Somethimes they kill me and i dont see from where , i cant see who kill me just i die for 1,2 seconds from machine gun and noone around me! You are kidding ;)
  5. thank you if you stop spam this thread. thank you edit: and have fun with bots there. GL
  6. Ok i undurstand u (we cant do nothing) but we can. IS TIME WE TO DO SOMETHING!
  7. so nothing about topic ... i dont see - creative topic only cry topic... i speak we to do somthing no just cry cry ... 2 months we already cry NCSOFT TO DO SOMETHING and nothing change - SO IS TIME WE TO DO SOMETHING!
  8. Right now you're a spammer here. If you cant say something about the topic just do not say anything (smart human) or you want to be another spam , the reason for closing the topics due oftopic.
  9. If a topic does not help to change something, let's have two. If two topics dont help to change something, let's have five. If five topics dont help to change something, let's ten. If ten topics dont help to change something, let a hundred. If a hundred topics dont help to change anything, let all topics are about it. If that not helping what next...
  10. We must do something, I don`t know exactly what - we should! - We can play with bad optimization (many people may not already left) - We can play with PVE bots around (many people may not already left) - We can play with bots arena (many people may not already left) - We can play with destroyed economy of the game (many people may not already left) - We can play with gold seller spam (many people may not already left) BUT we cant play with BOTS and SPEEDHACKERS in Soulstone plains this is enough!!! We must do something : - stop login
  11. all my friends already quit , many ppl still here just w8 new game all will leave...
  12. many ppl work on this time and we dont cry ...
  13. If give you a party and you reject, you want to do everything solo it means that you steal my time there! Just make party with ppl around so easy and fast , all solo loosers there i hate you all solo crybabys
  14. if you do yeti with 500+AP players you never can back with lower again :)
  15. paradox or not :) assassin is the last class who everyone want in party... you can speak all day how powerfull you are and that not change fact FM and Summoner are best party classes ... for everything
  16. we don't speak for you we speak for classes so if u play well with class , this not change class is useless ...
  17. nice one ... my last melee friend not login 3 days ... GG!!!
  18. i read "if something" , "if something" , "if something" assasin can beat FM and Summoner but these two classes dont need "if" they just do insane pve damage :)
  19. Dont lie friend :) in a good group can never have Assassins;)
  20. You know this is bannable and you did , so now just left NCSOFT mercy
  21. If you wrote this in the chat, you deserve ban. this game is Business for millions dont try joke whit that /end story
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