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  1. What the frak does GameGuard DO?!?

    I think its main reason is to stop costume hacks. Now I'm getting error 4049 from this stupid application with the latest update. Its always something with the ncsoft client
  2. Yeah I saw this person too and its completely took over my chat
  3. Game crashing on startup.

    try clicking repair files on the lower left corner
  4. They really need to give warning first. I using xbox360 controller but planing to get xbox elite controller and remap some of the buttons to the paddle. I need to send them an email to find out is this going to be an issue. BTW did you go around ambushing players (jadestone village) as bambo guard while they were trying to collect the tokens. Someone must have reported you

    yeah I got this issue too after update, run file repair located at the bottom left corner
  6. Cannot launch the game

    Same here issue with me, tried this fix but it only worked once then next day same issue again. I wonder if I can still get the refund for my founder pack