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  1. 21 Days of Special Costumes

    Technically speaking, if you're just looking for one outfit and if there is a yearly rotation, urgency isn't even needed, just patience. Also, I can't stress awesome it is to keep seeing costumes in the daily F10. Again, another awesome outfit I missed and really wanted. Just keep them coming.
  2. For real, I have no idea how this isn't always a thing. This was quite possibly the best event (except for Honor Guard) that involved opening my wallet. Trove, yeah, I guess it's alright but I never did trove for the mats, I did trove for the costumes that you hid in there like complete, total sadists. Even after two troves, I still don't have an Eagle Eye Face Adornment, and while trying to get something I never got, I ended up upgrading all of my gear to VT standards, but I digress. I have been playing since the first beta but at some point, I got a new job and had to quit for roughly 9-10 months. All those costumes, event, F10, dungeon farming, missed. Dungeon costumes are easy enough to get now and by the looks of it, you guys tend to release all of the old event costumes with the new costumes for certain events (currently 41/73 in F3). Temporary F10 costumes though, hurts my soul, 218/344. The sad part, I would easily drop the money to buy all of them over time but I can't. This event though....almost straight fire. If you just keep rotating all the costumes everyday without "discounted current F10 costumes" being thrown in, I'd be pretty damn happy with it as a monetary model. People would actually have to log in to see what costumes are on F10 and if they missed a day, they missed their chance since you have more than a year's worth of costumes, making them time exclusive. You could just make the rotation completely random so people can't expect what costume is next if exclusivity is your main goal.
  3. (archive)

    Noooooo! I came a week too late. Mind posting whenever recruitment is up and running again? I'm very interested in having an English-speaking clan again since I'm back from a long break. I'd like to be able to check every now and then while I roll solo. I have an SF or a KFM that I'm willing to play.
  4. I made this topic over on the Dojo so I'm going to go ahead and copy it over here. I might need to edit after posting. Here's the original Dojo post. Two points to keep in mind as you read. I do not like PvE Right Punch. I'll say it again, I do not like PvE Right Punch. It's simple. It's annoying. It's easy and whenever I use it, I see no significant difference in my damage. Ever since SF launched, it's been stated over and over again that Right Punch massively does more damage; I understood why this was said the first time I used HM Right Punch. I saw exactly why people would believe this information too as you can quickly stack 5 Chi levels for V; then add the triple Golden Dragon buff. Yet: playing everyday, doing all the purples, using both builds, doing well or perfectly with a tank holding aggro - I see no difference. Apparently, it's just me. Please, don't try to tell me I'm doing Frost spec wrong. RMB behind the boss (4-8 hits, depending on your luck & energy stacks) till F is active, repeat till you can cast V, throw in elemental stance whenever you can optimally use it, and sustain chi by defending yourself or using 2+F, X or last resort, C/LMB. Not hard. I don't like it. Please don't waste your time typing: "You should be using Right Punch". I played FFXIV before coming over to B&S. If you know how the Monk class operated back when it launched, then please, keep this in mind: I was one of those people who chose not to miss their flanks in any fight. Period. I hit all of them unless it was physically impossible to do so without dying or wiping the party. Yes, I even hit flanks on moving targets as all it took was predicting where the AI would move. I try to do the same in this game but sometimes the tank can just be a little too sporadic so I can't make it perfect. If you're anything like me, you're not going to use Right Punch even though it is the "current SF meta" - I can't really argue against that statement, the reasons were stated in the 2nd point. If you actually took the time to just sit at a training dummy and made sure you can actually ani-cancel, then you may have realized that it's sorta impossible to sustain the Golden Dragon buffs without using Z or elemental stance. Absolutely fun mechanic that is. Here's the point of this thread: I always used Kingfist to improve my positional awareness. Yes, I know, less damage, but it's fantastic practice because you feel the weight of your mistakes. Ebondrake Citadel forced me to use Frost Storm as positions can go so wrong, way too fast and way too often. Kingfist -> Dragonfist: V -> V -> F, does not allow you to use any F abilities whatsoever. Frost Storm -> Dragonfist: V -> F, does. If you have a Breaking Claw, you can fit it in right after casting V. If you have a Breeze Kick, you can fit it in. If you have a Howling Blast, you can fit it in. If you have an Iron Shoulder, you can fit it in. This is an insignificant point for all you Right Punchers. You can just ignore me. All you Cobalt Punchers though, I didn't find this out until I started seriously learning Citadel. I never used Frost Storm because getting a flanking position every time was always easy until this dungeon. Not once have I seen this information get posted. This is really important yet I have never seen it stated in any relevant thread. What does this mean? I'll be posting a video tomorrow to show exactly what it is. For now I will have to type it. After stacking 5 Chi levels, instead of blowing V instantly, you can hold onto it for roughly 5.5-6 seconds and cast: V (Frost Storm) -> F (Iron Shoulder) -> F (Dragonfist). You will have 30 seconds to stack only 4 levels of chi instead of 5. Combine this with the Fury's season Soul Badge from the Tower of Infinity: Breaking Claw reduces the cooldown of Iron Shoulder by 0.5 seconds, and Cobalt Punch becomes a monster. Not much else that I can say other than people will always state that Right Punch is better, though I can't blame them, it even seems like the devs prefer Right Punch to be the norm if this is how they design the differences of their elemental focuses. There are two things though: If you don't know how to sustain your triple Golden Dragons using Cobalt Punch, quit wasting your time, use Right Punch. It's just not worth it. If you're using Kingfist like I did this whole time, quit using that and start applying what I just typed above. Practice it on a dummy and realize that you can correctly sustain your Golden Dragons without gimping your Elemental Stance abilities. If you already have the Soul Badge then you can already sustain it but just revel in the fact that you only have to stack 4 Chi levels instead of 5 in those 30 seconds. If you didn't know this, you're welcome. If you did, why didn't you say anything?!? I've been playing SF since its launch and I just found this out two freakin' days. Jeez.
  5. A Peaceful Rant

    I'm honestly fine with the bugs as irksome as they can get. Bugs happen and in this game you can get past bugs pretty easily, except for every single arena PvP bug. All arena PvP bugs NEED to be dealt with as there is absolutely no environments bugs that should even conflict with those. What really irks me is that even after multiple years, the optimization of the environment, and even multiple invisible objects on the screen, is horrendous. If I can play action-heavy single/multiplayer games using relatively high graphics without any frame-drops then I should be able to play an MMO: on the lowest settings (except character visibility, personal SFX quality and monster effects quality at 3) with CTRL+F active with only 5 people in a dungeon without a single frame-drop. If there were 24 people on the screen, then the frame-drops would be acceptable, but with me, 1 boss mob and 5 invisible players, frame-drops are absolutely unacceptable. SSP and any of the "24 man" dungeons are acceptable areas but 6 man yeti definitely is not with my computer. It may be a year old but I spent some good money on it. Even walking up to a waterfall or past a certain point in the first area of Sogun's Lament drops my frames down to 10-20 before hopping back up to a steady 60 again; that just should not happen. Along with that, we also have some outfit design problems. Torpedoes for the Gon females on a lot of early outfits. It's great that new outfits are being added on a very steady schedule but can't they take some time out of releasing outfits to fix the old ones? I would really like to go back and use the transmuted costumes but the next thing I know, torpedo tits. They have plenty of models to go by so fixing them should take them less time to do than making entirely new outfits, especially considering that they alter body shape and size with every costume anyways. Just an afterthought though, they should really put allow the DPS meter on the training dummies inside the wise mens' rooms so we could actually measure flat dps. While it doesn't matter for 99% of the classes, it does matter for SF's since our DPS relies on being behind the boss which just isn't possible to have a 100% uptime on. Finding out my potential could actually help me set an actual goal to reach for every fight instead of comparing myself to others and judging them when I do better.
  6. Just tell everybody to vote for Best Friend. I'm pretty sure that costume was out for literally a day or two before it disappeared. That was when CTRL + C literally got released.
  7. Crest of the rising sun missing

    You know, after 2 weeks of only being told "We have been informed and we're working on it," it would be nice to actually get some kind of reimbursement. That or some kind of actual update somewhere.
  8. Story Problems

    This post is a spoiler for the end of Act II and the beginning of Act III if you have not paid attention to the story of the game. So it has been almost 4 months since the launch of B&S and a little over 6 months since the beta testing period started. I have played through the Viridian Coast around launch with my alt so I can't say for sure that my opinion would pertain to that specific region. Over the last month though, I played through the Cinderlands and am now moving into the Moonwater Plains after I finished the Silverfrost mountains on my main. To my understanding, Act I (Viridian Coast), Act II (Cinderlands) & Act IV (Silverfrost Mountains) all have a generally smooth story experience. Act III (Moonwater Plains) had a horrendous beginning though. Since before launch, people have complained about how the story was changed. I don't know the reason for the change or what exactly the story was changed from but I do know the concept that was changed and what it was changed to. The end of Act II leaves you in Yehara's Mirage after you saved Yunwa from Lusung. You also happen to meet up with Madun, one of the Eight Masters, in the same room as the drunk. He explains how he had once suffered from the Black Rose in the past. After easing your pain from the mark & his dialogue, he asks you to meet with him at the Blindeye Bazaar where he intends to give you a "divination" using his own memories. This is where the story really starts to become wonky. Why does it become wonky? I actually played through the game's content all the way up to Asura. Dragon Pulses are used constantly in the dungeons. You literally fly across maps (Dragonscale of the Viridian Coast/Zaiwei of the Silverfrost Mountains), teleport from point A to point B (dungeons/boss fights) and you even travel through walls (entering the Sealed Palace) using Dragon Pulses. Once you begin your quest to experience Madun's memories, you're instantly thrown into a cutscene of Yunwa being abducted by Gil/Mushin & your character windstriding through a Dragon Pulse. Madun mentioned dragon pulse usage once, and I missed it because I was focused on memories and divinations from his speech. There is almost no story elements indicating that the divination has started. All you get is "Now clear your mind, focus your chi, and let's go," and you hitting the "Complete" button for the quest. This divination seems like a pretty important ritual to glance over since you have literally participated or watched every ritual your character had to deal with since the beginning of the game (this also includes the current Silverfrost content we have - 05/07/16). This is the only section of the game where you see absolutely nothing about the ritual and go straight to the conclusion of it. I know what happens since I've played through that section of the game way too many times with alts on the JP/TW clients. Even still, the confusion of the story that NA/EU went with was a slap to my face. I almost missed what was happening because there was no real clarification. Madun's "helpful" divination starts off way too violently. Because of point #2, I have no idea whether that violent interception in the Dragon Pulse was an experience that Madun went through in the past or if that was my character receiving Madun's memories. Nothing tells me where Madun's memories "begin" until your character falls out the intercepting Dragon Pulse and the cutscene literally tells you that you are at "Brightstone Occupation, 16 Years Ago." Because of the choice made here, I have to assume that the psychedelic experience in the dragon pulse was you receiving Madun's memories. Psychedelic experiences usually occur under two conditions, the use of drugs or something forcing your perceptions to become distorted. Drugs aren't being used so it has to be the second option and the last time I checked, option 2 only happens when something ominous is occurring. Mayor Taywo literally breaks the beginning of Act III. Sixteen years in the past, he sees you as Madun because you aren't actually there. You are experiencing Madun's memories as a divination. Madun informs you that while you may feel like yourself, you are actually him experiencing the events at the Brightstone Occupation. Why does the Mayor open up the conversation with you: Wait, I know this person! ...Do you remember me? That was quite an entrance you made, stranger! ...I'm surprised an outsider would come here on their own. I'm the village Mayor. My name is Taywo. ...Oh, you've heard of our troubles? ...A local warrior named Madun tried to help, but it ended in disaster. - I'm going to be honest, this is some poor writing. Your origin is literally unknown, all you know about yourself is that you're a Hongmoon clansman from some far-off land but you at least know that you aren't from the Brightstone Occupation. Yet for some reason, the mayor starts off surprised to see you again, as if he met you before. He almost looks like a twin of Master Hong but nothing in the story tells you that you met this guy before except in Madun's divination. In Madun's divination, you were Madun, you experienced Madun's memories as Madun. You did not exist in the Brightstone Occupation sixteen years ago. Mayor Taywo does not know you. Then after the cutscene, the dialogue shifts, and it's blatantly obvious. He goes from remembering you to introducing himself to a stranger he has never met. The shift is instantaneous as well. Why are you in the Brightstone Occupation after Madun's divination? The last time I checked, I was supposed to receive Madun's memories to see what Jinsoyun was capable of. I was not told that I was going to be teleported to the Skygate. What happened? I can't say much of anything here but this is a large plot-hole. Like, a really freakin' large plot-hole. This kind of stuff breaks a story. Where is Madun? Why would Madun give you a divination of his memories and not be there at the end of it? Instead, you are thrown onto some dudes at the Skygate, fall unconscious and wake up to the Taywo and Ilsim. Madun inexplicably disappears during an important ritual that he's in charge of. You, as the player, have no control over the divination. Madun disappearing means there is no divination. Here it is again: I can't say much of anything here but this is a large plot-hole. Like, a really freakin' large plot-hole. This kind of stuff breaks a story. I would write a lot more but I'm suffering from a headache. It has been almost 4 months, the premise of this portion of the story was changed from unexplained time travel within a Dragon Pulse to an unexplained, poorly written, divination of Madun's memories. I have skipped the NCSoft translated story of this game for 4 months. Why hasn't this been fixed yet? Four months is a long time for the main story-line to be broken and confusing. Either don't explain what's happening and let us buy into it (Midichlorians from Star Wars/supposed time travel from foreign B&S clients) or explicitly tell us what is going on (He who shall not be named from Harry Potter). As of right now, I know what happens in the story, up to the ritual of brotherhood with the emperor, and you almost lost me. I had to fill in the multiple gaps from my knowledge off of Moonwater/Silverfrost content and fan-translations of foreign clients. I will say it again: IT HAS BEEN ALMOST 4 MONTHS! If you're going to change the story, ensure that it will make sense. You guys are releasing new content at a rather overwhelming pace for people who fool around. Fix the plot-holes you've already made before you make new ones. This is actually a good story, it's not original, but it's good. Can you please fix the holes you've made?
  9. Martial Tome View

    Late response but there is no option sadly, they really need to add one and then put the names back into that view, it's really starting to become annoying that I can't see my skill names. I don't know every single skill on my alts yet and it sucks when I don't like the list view.
  10. Quite honestly, it really is starting to get to me. I haven't been bothered by bots at all this whole time but now I can't even get into the 1800 bracket since I keep running into multiple permanently invisible/resisting summoners in a row. It's starting to get depressing since the CC window to get them out of their hacking became infinitely shorter than it used to be. I have only managed to beat one of those bots one round and still lost the match. What makes it worse, I'm starting to run into hackers using Rumblebees, extending the fight even longer than it's usually supposed to be. The single burst Sunflowers was already lazy enough but Rumblebees? It's getting extremely painful just to sit there waiting for load screens to pass by just give up a match because it's something you literally have no chance of beating it.
  11. Dungeons Need Vote Kick!

    Yes, people abuse the system for their own purposes. Groups of people WILL abuse the system just to be happy. Those people will also be the first to drop when shit hits the fan. I'm not going to lie, these people are terrible party members, skill-wise or personality-wise, depends on who you're with. <Insert your problem>, why would you want to group with the people who kicked them? Copied, pasted & slightly edited. As people, that's as wrong as it can come and it's the complete abuse of a democratic system. As a group, it's not wrong at all, 3 or 5 people all agreed to save the loot for a friend or for themselves & collectively decided to screw someone. It happens. Simply because people can do it. It's one of the items from a list of things to be expected when pugging an instance. At least you would be kicked before breaking your weapon or wasting master/emergency repair tools while not spending your own/your clan-mate's precious time. You could easily warn people not to join their group because that's what they do in F7. If it's F8, report them, NCSoft will ban people for abusing broken walls and/or scamming people. This is an abuse of the system you could get people to suffer the repercussions for. This can easily be avoided by forming your own group with people that you trust & that trust you. Random people will screw you over from time to time.
  12. Dungeons Need Vote Kick!

    Me, personally, no. I didn't care whether or not they did well. I was actually enjoying the challenge, and after the BM joined we were about to 4.25 man the final boss. Are you saying that I shouldn't have the right to kick a party member who literally did 1000 damage every 30 seconds during the most important parts of a lab run? I'll tell you right now, I wasn't watching the assassin the first third of the dungeon but during the first boss, he went afk for the entire fight. From there, I was vigilant with his position. During the 2nd boss, he went afk again; after that, all he did was run around, use Decoy on nothing, randomly pop his smoke bomb, run up to a mob and use LMB -> RMB a couple times then go back to running around, rinse and repeat. After I relied on those other 2 slightly incompetent party members AND THEIR REPLACEMENTS for over 3 hours on the same fight, should I not have the right to kick the person who started intentionally sabotaging the almost successful attempts at the final boss? Also, it's a vote kick, as in you need to convince 2/4 other people to kick the person in question. If the entire party wants you (or the said person in question) out for various reasons, how is that wrong? Yes, people abuse the system for their own purposes. Groups of people WILL abuse the system just to be happy. Those people will also be the first to drop when shit hits the fan. I'm not going to lie, these people are terrible party members, skill-wise or personality-wise, depends on who you're with. If you have a problem with "two slightly incompetent party members being kicked," why would you want to group with the people who kicked them? There are some necessary evils that need to be made in order to make any run successful. Having the ability to kick a troll who is INTENTIONALLY flopping the group on the final boss fight of any run is necessary. If you're getting kicked from a group for not being competent, you have no right to complain. You are not in a learning group, you are in a group that aims to complete a run within a reasonable amount of time. You should personally know if you can perform well enough to two/three shot every boss. If you not confident enough, find or make a group that's willing to accept your mistakes. Can I say that I have been kicked from a group because I can't pull my weight? No. No, I can't. I'm the one who carries the group by playing the important roles (as a KFM, tanking) or the one that waits until all the weaker links drop from the group and stronger ones take their place. I have never been kicked from a group for incompetence. Have I kicked people for being incompetent. No. Have I kicked people for leeching/trolling, yes, depending on my mood and how many attempts at the bosses my group makes. Do I kick all leechers/trolls, no. Why? Because I pugged, I expect it and I plan on pulling through in one run no matter the situation unless it's 100% hopeless. In B&S, if I have to waste a master/emergency repair tool to try to beat a boss because someone is killing the group on purpose, that's when I consider that run to be 100% hopeless. When I make a party, I don't care about your gear (unless you're sportin' level 38 shields, then I'm worried). All I care about is the completion in a single run; if you drop, I replace you. If I know you by name, you're either THAT good or you're a part of my clan. If neither of those are applicable then you are either a terrible personality or you ooze THAT much incompetence, and I am a very patient person. I have only kept two crappy personalities and one failure out of my groups. I have been playing MMORPG's for over 11 years and I have only deliberately stopped 3 people, THREE PEOPLE, from joining my groups. I still believe I reserve the right to convince my entire party to kick one or two people from a group to guarantee success, ESPECIALLY if the people I'm convincing are my clan-mates. TL;DR - I still don't believe in TL;DR, but here it is. I ranted heavily from a single unfair statement. Parties of four or more should reserve the right to unanimously kick one person for any reason. It's a freakin' vote. It's democracy in its purest form. To you specifically Fuz. I have a feeling you have been on the receiving end of vote kicks before. I absolutely can not question whether you're skillful. I can and I will assume that you were kicked because you didn't have "good enough" gear or because you made a single mistake. It happens. It's going to keep happening because people are people. I don't know who you are and I honestly don't care if you can pull your own weight. Your opinion though, I care about that. Your opinion is entirely unfair. You're saying that every pugged group in existence deserves to fail if a single troll randomly joins & intentionally sabotages the entire run for hours. All that for two slightly incompetent party members.
  13. Dungeons Need Vote Kick!

    This seriously needs to be an option again, just went into a lab run where an assassin did literally nothing for all 3 bosses. While the group did fine for the first 2 bosses, the final boss couldn't go through because we had an afk sin, and 2 slightly incompetent party members. We actually managed to recruit a BM who could tank a boss and had summoner cats so I was finally able to spread searing palm to both bosses instead. Guess who decided to start *cricket*ing up the rezzes of any teammates from there. The useless assassin. We couldn't kick him and there was literally nothing we could do.
  14. Mushin darkness not worth killing

    KFM is sorta stuck in the same boat. I'm not extensively geared but if I make one cooldown mistake on Darkness, it's always a wipe. I do use the potions and dps during the fire phase but still. I'm just really surprised that NCWest hasn't put in any of Mushin's voice-overs. Honestly, it seems REALLY damn important for us to hear what is coming next since the only thing we get for the starting attacks are the prompts in chat. Either Respond or Resist. In the other versions, he will literally say something that warns you beforehand instead of leaving you having to pay attention to the chat which takes your attention from other important tasks (in my case, making sure I don't lose searing palm).