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  1. new premium worse then the old one.

    They messed up once again, how am I not surprised? Also won't be extending my Premium, it's simply not worth the money.
  2. It's just living up to its name, lol. But yeah, contact support about it... since we players have no clue where it ran off to either :')
  3. Show off your characters!!

    Changed the appearance of my Gon FM last Friday! I'm so happy with the way she looks now ♥
  4. Northstar Bundle

    NCSoft/West, False advertisement... nice. They literally posted the adornment everywhere in their BF posts, yet they don't add it to the bundle.
  5. My Orb, My Loot

    I just had CS run where orb dropped, dude that got it went AFK... so I used the orb I still had. Guess what? AFK dude comes back and starts bidding on the loot. I ended up not getting the loot, because he kept bidding. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing hate people like that.
  6. Black Friday Blade & Soul...

    NCSoft be like: -Save of up to 30% on account services -Cosmetics bundle deal -Premium Membership special offer -And more! 30% discount, but only on the ones in the bundle. Cosmetics bundle is missing the head adornment (kek) Premium membership only threw in 1 free outfit if you purchase 90 days. And more? Nope. That's it, folks!
  7. Alice Hair - Hope to see this again

    Maybe someday, lol :( I also want it.
  8. Northstar Bundle

    I thought the exact same thing... I was super excited to get it, but now I'm a bit hesitant.
  9. Black Friday Sale

    I'm hoping to see some cosmetics up for grabs for not too much, but I doubt that'll happen lol.
  10. Quick mailing question

    Spellcaster, Bloodmoon Masquerade and Monster Ball are all tradable with 6 outfit stamps. It'll say so in the description if you can trade them with stamps or not.
  11. Yeah, I have my axe on stage 9 Seraph and only got 4 slots unlocked. I'm missing out on 30AP or so due to this and unlocking them will cost me 37 gem hammers... which is like 1.6k gold. (if they'd go for 45g each) They're also expensive as hell on F10.
  12. Show off your characters!!

    Bit the bullet and got her the bamboo outfit, it looks so stunning though... *HAPPY*
  13. Looking for a response on HM skills.

    Shame how a fun game gets ruined by the publisher. These changes are BAD! This makes HM skills not accessible at all, at least not to the majority of the players. Why proclaim that this patch will reduce costs, make things easier for the players and what not if it's all just a lie. It's the same as changing the radiant energies exchange less than a day before the patch... Honestly, what are you guys even doing there? Pay attention to your playerbase!
  14. Show off your characters!!

    Ginger Destroyer bab!