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  1. As the title of this topic told's whats the BEST DPS on equal gear?
  2. Some good surprise never come's to a broken bag
  3. Hello as the title tolds this is a mini-guide to try to fix FPS/Lag of u Blade and Soul client. Get ready Open you launcher unmark 32 bits client to use 64 bits client, why you need to use 64 bits client? You don't need to but i explain now why, 64 bits client it's a High client that addapts to Blade and Soul Graphics, with the 64 bits clients u rarely will get a Crash/Freezes why? Dunno maybe for his spec's, Following that if u use 32 bits marked on settings in the launcher you will get tons of Crashes/Freezes and lag with another ton of FPS drops that's for the people that c
  4. They delays for new update surprise? or just a fail in their computer?
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