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  1. Daily Log in Rewards

    about 2-3 times a week i cannot collect my log in rewards for my XP charms and treasure pouches. I meet the required play time and the collect reward button does nothing. absolutely nothing. and from there if i quit the game or change characters it may even take away the reward collection button as well. leaving me to just stare at the rewards with nothing i can do. I've tried a dozen different things to get this to work. a dozen different map locations, dungeons, rotated through different characters, swapping and not swapping between alts to try and keep it from breaking during game play, collecting rewards as they come, collecting them all at the end in one shot. Nothing. no matter what i do, several times a week i completely lose out on my daily rewards, for the last 3 weeks. Might have been a pre existing issue but i've only come back to the game 4 weeks ago so i cant provide a better time line.
  2. Kung fu master lamest char ever

    This isn't much of an achievement but my first time playing blade and soul was when Closed Beta opened. I will also point out that that specific set of patches KFM was bottom tier next to worst to play in PvP Arena due to how stacked the deck was from a balance tuning perspective. Even While having only played one character for a little over a month and never on a another server i still managed to make it to Gold in the arena and knew people who made it to plat and diamond. The KFM was weak because his skills took too much work for too little output, but good players were still capable of excelling with them. As it stands I feel like after coming back from a 2 month break the KFM is stronger now than they were when i first played them. So forgive if me i personally dont see the "KFM is too weak" argument when i was capable of being a "Decent" PvP'er as a first timer and knew some that were still great even then.
  3. whirlwind valley feedback

    As a KFM i can attest that i am absolutely worthless in this map, Sure i can CC the hell out of someone if they will let me, because escapes and stuff exist you know, but it's not like it matters. The guy im attacking has 5 other team mates and nobody goes alone. And because everyone's has figured out that ranged and TAB on Destros is god in this mode then i'm pretty damn irrelevant. every time i target someone they pop escape and get help from a buddy. From there it's just "Focus down the melee gimp that has essentially 0 aoe and multi-target abilities and move on with your day." I watched a warlock get a 10 kill streak in one game followed by the next game another warlock going on a 6 with two FM's breaking 3 kill streak twice. I myself have 460 AP, 58k health, 28% damage reduction from my defences and i've never gotten more than one kill in a game. i either just help or get focused and cheer from home base. Not to mention people say it's about capturing points, but deaths count for about 30 points as well. Which is a really important factor when you have several FM's, summoners, Warlocks, and sometimes even the stray Blade dancer crushing out high kill streaks on your team because invulnerability and damage negation a king on this game mode even more so than the actual capture points. This mode has such hard favorites it's not even funny.
  4. Kung Fu Master...

    As a KFm player, while it all seems daunting, i would also like to point out that nearly every frustrating move we make has to be chosen intelligently as well as in the moment while having very few long term plans in order to adapt. Our fights are literally just frame works of "i have to do this in this situation if it comes up and i hope i dont f*ck up." Meanwhile you get things like the destro who LITERALLY hits tab and forces me to throw out 70-80 of my play book until i can either pierce his tab or play him into using his keybaord. you know, the thing with all the buttons that do other things that help them win other than the one button that says TAB. not to say that i cant beat them, just pointing out that atleast if the KFM beat you, they probably worked harder for it than over half of the other classes. so console yourself with the fact that a KFM beat you with skill and not because someone didnt pull a balance lever hard enough on this particular patch. ie. Summoners on release and for 2 patches onwards.
  5. Ranged champions have a considerable advantage in this "Battleground". In the 4 matches i've played 3 i lost when outnumbered by ranged champions by upwards of 2 or 3 and the one i won was when we were tied in number. the 3 i lost my team had 500 points or less when the enemy hit 1800. and while i would prove this by linking an in game screenshot i have of people specifically forming battleground groups required ranged only classes. " The page you are trying to access is not available for your account." pops up every time i try to insert the picture. glad to see in the months away that this little gem still prevents me from validating anything i see in game on the forums. not only do people form groups demanding 500+ AP for dungeons they now get to select not only the strongest but the most suited for near shut out wins at their leisure because things like this are prevented or punished. Because while many Melee classes in this game have the ability to stick to and kill their ranged counterparts, their limited in the field of view due to needing to be so close to the enemy as well as lack the ability to effectively view and handle group fights by being able to deal damage from afar and position much more selectively by not needing to gap close. Any enemy team entering the battleground should be given a debuff if they have more than 4 ranged classes on their team. same could be applied to melee, though no one in their right mind would want to have that many in one. i would personally dodge if i was matched into it. The entire "Battleground" itself is great. I like the area as well as the simplicity. in short, it's beautiful. It's just way too easy to win in group development phase though considering its current iteration.
  6. Summoners are BROKEN

    I actually got a player Banned in CBT for doing that shit. He was taunting blackwyrm and laughing his ass off in region chat about how much everyone was dying just because of one cat. I sent in a ticket with a screen shot of his logs and for the last two weeks of the CBT he was never seen again. Dont troll Blackwyrm. or bad things happen.
  7. PVP Leveling

    the last levels takes over 300k XP to hit 40. 45 it self over 400k. so if you dont mind doing hundreds of matches per level, then go for it. or you could grind to level 45 in about 3 days of solid play, have all of your skills and skill points, and then pvp that way.
  8. Need help with things tutorial didnt tell me

    right click on a name in chat and select block down near the bottom of the list. if you want to clear your block list open your friends window and tab over to the ignore list. then "release" everything and start over. also. Dumplings and some food items are the only way to heal out of combat. if you're buying them from a merchant you're doing it wrong. you can get them for about 10c in the market place and wont need more than 10-20 at a time since you can replenish almost everything you use just through drops. if you're feeling like you have to rest and eat too much, work on your blocks, iframes, and in combat health restoration abilities. I play as a lvl 45 KFM and even when doing dungeons such as the big 4 and Poharan i wont ever even pop a potion unless im down to about 30% and looking really shaky since my skill set can often let me get back up to 100% again just through chaining some of my skills properly.
  9. The Masterless Blade quest

    She's one of the mercenaries at the end of the dread tide arena challenge. buy a preliminary round tag, advance, buy a final round tag, go through gate, buy a mercenary contract, she's the one on the far left.
  10. Awakened Siren Weapons

    Im going to agree. I have awakened Siren at 10 right now and while true profane practically maxes you focus for the duration, the Siren focus recovery procs much more frequently. I would run out of focus all the time with my true profane if i couldnt get my focus gain skills to proc. With my awakened Siren alone i think i've run out once in the last day. and that was before my siren went from 20% focus recovery to 30%. I also play a KFM for reference. Also, if you can get your Siren weapon in the next 10 days do so, but dont invest in the belief of getting further. Once the new content comes out on the 10th there will be new weapons and accessories coming out that will exceed your current ones, even you siren weapon. I read somewhere that the 24 man BSH requires 1 naryu gold coin to enter the first time, then its just a basic coin after that. A naryu gold is 50 naryu silver. and there's a weapon you can buy somewhere that is the best in the content update for 4 Naryu gold. Which is 200 Naryu Silver. There is plenty of work to be done elsewhere so get what you can and grind hard for the next 10 days.
  11. Dreadtide Arena

    i've seen upwards of maybe 20 people on my server with the dread tide arena outfit. 2 were yun and about 5 were lyn. the rest were a mix of jin and gon males and females.
  12. Dreadtide Arena

    Gon female KFM. So naturally I needed it.
  13. Dreadtide Arena

    I got it on run 12. Mushin Server NA. I would post a screenshot but the forums says "the page you are trying to access is not available to your account". whatever.
  14. I hate to play this game, but as a KFM player i must ask whom exactly is acknowledging my damage output? allow me to enlighten you. Searing palm. Our X ability triggered after the use of: evade (any of the three), comet strike, leading palm, hellfire kick, and avenging fist. Some of the precursors must be specialized into. With 3 points Searing palm will Trigger "Awakened" state. Awakened Searing palm generates 100% crit chance and 110% crit damage on all attacks and abilities for 10 seconds. 10 full seconds of every attack, every tick, critting. but it gets better. 3 points into tremor generates an 8m vaccuum that pulls all targets into the center that burns for 5-8k damage over 6 seconds. This damage can also crit. oh. and 2 points into Grapple in the right place generates a buff (the name i forgot) that i'll call "Ferocity". "Ferocity" grants the KFM and all party members within 30m +40% crit chance and +50% crit damage along with 30% drain on all attacks. (this drain i've had heal me to full health in large packs from 10% just from using tremor and 2 aoe skills.) so to wrap this up. "Awakened Searing palm" =100% crit chance, 110% crit damage for 10 seconds. "Ferocity" generating another 50% crit damage. Tremor critting and burning all targets in the area for upwards of 10-16k damage over 6 seconds, AND every single skill the KFM is still dealing for 10 seconds. I have an Awakend True Profane gauntlet and with these 3 skills and proper anicanceling, i estimate i do upwards of 8k damage PER SECOND to bosses for 6 seconds, and 6k damage per second for the remaining 4, while also healing for the damage im doing due to my 10 second tab buff. I take CHUNKS out of bosses. My KFM may not out march burst, but i dare anyone at all to read that damage and say it's among the lowest of all classes. I outrun EVERYONE for 6 seconds and still run even and possibly still outstrip nearly everyone for the remaining 4, every time i hit the combo. Awakened searing palm can be hit every minute. "Ferocity" every minute and a half. Bring your best. I promise you i'll hold any boss for more than 60% of the fight every time if not the entire fight, and it's not just because i generate threat.
  15. Is this it for pvp?

    There's a lvl 50 patch out in the eastern continent that not only adds 5 more evels and skill points, but there's an over-leveling mechanic that allows you to continue gaining levels for additional skill points while staying 50. These are the points that allow you to buy the "Secret hongmoon art" skills in your skill book at the bottom of your trees. The skill book skills are discovered with a mechanic to do with Pohwaran that hasnt been turned on yet. But essentially once those have been introduced you can expect new levels of damage as well as mechanics to be introduced into the game for additional consideration in your 1v1's. plus there's also 3v3's for an entirely different arena pvp feel. Open world is a little week right now while everyone is still gearing up and leveling.