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  1. My warlock currently...slowly leveling to 45 for temptation but having a sunburn kills my energy for leveling lol
  2. Will look tons better once I get Temptation http://i.imgur.com/vQ5RWH1.jpg
  3. This will be my warlock once it is released
  4. I find it funny BnS counts 1 day as 1 day, 23 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds as yesterday my level 21 character I wanted to delete had "1 DAY" left....24hours later it's at 19hours..lolwut
  5. Was in the process of typing this but ggforums lol
  6. Sooo happy this outfit finally dropped~ http://i.imgur.com/jPnLsWi.jpg
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