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  1. I already quit the game probably to never play again over this recipe. I got burned out of that dungeon and now I know I don't have the gold to win it. I might have, had it of dropped one of the 50 times I ran the dungeon during the second day of head start. Now I just feel like this is just another OK game ruined by pointless RNG. At least the launch was smooth for me I guess, hopefully I can spend my Ncoin when Lineage Eternal comes out
  2. this item is insanely rare and of course I got it on beta, but after burning myself out on trying to get it on live I've given up
  3. Unsealing charms (Suggestion)

    I think unsealing talismans are fine. The dumpling price is ridiculous though, they should cost less then 1 silver each. At most maybe 50 copper each.

    NcSoft not wiping the servers is not going to happen because the cash shop already changed from alpha to beta and will change again to launch (the daily dash did too I believe). And think about it, the premium scrolls are in there for 1 NC coin each. It would take forever to sort that out. It's getting reset. I spent almost close to 2 days playing straight with no sleep during the CBT1 and having never played this game before, the knowledge I gained alone made it worth it.