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  1. Warlock Challenge Event

    From the News link ... The rewards will be distributed at defined intervals throughout the leveling challenge, and characters that were level 10 or under—and reached level 45 before server maintenance on March 23—can expect to receive their rewards the day after maintenance each week (March 10, 17, and 24) following when they hit level 45. The challenge rewards will be sent to the account-wide Received Items tab, where it can be claimed by any character on the account.
  2. Stuck Repairing 0% at Login

    I've encountered this problem many times. I go into the Task Manager on Windows and kill the NCLauncher and try again ... always seems to fix the problem. Good luck.
  3. Shutting down the game client. (4049)"

    So, I have to apologize ... turns out it wasn't NCSoft's fault for the 4049 ... it was Windows (and mine). Turns out, Windows 10 had an update queued. I did a restart and allowed the update to occur and the 4049 Error went away. Hope that helps anyone else who might be seeing this.
  4. Shutting down the game client. (4049)"

    I tried the File Repair button on the launcher and after it completed, tried launching the game ... still got the same (4049) error. Thanks for the suggestion. Too bad no one from NCSoft has responded to this thread. Would be nice to know someone cares that we can't play.
  5. Shutting down the game client. (4049)"

    yeah, little frustrating given that there's a very cool reward out there for getting a char up to 45!! :)
  6. Shutting down the game client. (4049)"

    Yep. Getting the same error.
  7. In the graphics section of the settings under advanced there is an Optimize for Combat check box which dials down a bunch of settings and greys out others. Not sure if this helps w/ your problem or not. Cheers.