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  1. It's actually hilarious that people think you need 800+ AP to do something on normal mode which people were doing on hard mode with ~600 AP before it was nerfed (i.e. when it was harder that it is now). Honestly next level lazy.
  2. NAh - it's time to join a decent clan. There's a difference between a 900+ AP group running EC and a 750 AP group running EC? No shit. Of course there's a difference - the former completely outgears and facerolls the instance while the latter can clear the instance without issue if they know how to play, albeit slower (obviously). Most people in F8 are either pure lazy (looking for brainless 10 min runs) or legit insane with what they expect gear-wise out of normal mode EC and DT parties. Many people go as far as to instantly leave the queue if they see a HM7 or HM8 pla
  3. With current soul shields, you should have roughly 90% damage reduction while spinning when using hurricane T4S2. If you learn boss patterns and attack animations, you can literally just stand in one spot and spin as necessary to mitigate the vast majority of major boss attacks. Use searing strike, stone shield, and grabs as filler when appropriate. If you somehow fall behind, line up emberstomp w/ fury to regen a lot of hp quickly or just pop a cheap pot, or both. Mostly just learn boss patterns and spin.
  4. Playing a destroyer, I died to Junghado twice on my first run cuz I'd never seen any of his abilities and wasn't familiar with his timings. Have never failed to kill him since then - the fight is generally a joke, as is the rest of the tower floors that are present on NA. I'm not sure what falls below "joke", but that's where Junghado will be if he's nerfed in any notable way.
  5. Dunno about other melees but as a destroyer it's insanely easy to get brilliant chests. It doesn't even matter if you get hit by roars since you can rotate stone shield and emberstomp/fury to heal back to full after each rotation (if you somehow fall behind you can just use a cheap pot to catch up) - as long as Blackwyrm is tanked properly, you can literally face tank every single roar, never die, and collect brilliant chests. The only times I haven't received a brilliant chest is either when Blackwyrm was already somewhat low by the time I got to him or when he's untanked and the
  6. Farm this daily as a destroyer - it's simple so long as he's tanked properly. Nothing should touch you aside from the roar, which can be immuned. If he's not tanked properly, it doesn't really matter what you do since the fight turns into a GY run for everybody involved, melee or otherwise. Also, I've literally never had loot not drop - even on attempts where I die multiple times over.
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