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  1. It's actually hilarious that people think you need 800+ AP to do something on normal mode which people were doing on hard mode with ~600 AP before it was nerfed (i.e. when it was harder that it is now). Honestly next level lazy.
  2. Experiencing the same issue currently.
  3. NAh - it's time to join a decent clan. There's a difference between a 900+ AP group running EC and a 750 AP group running EC? No shit. Of course there's a difference - the former completely outgears and facerolls the instance while the latter can clear the instance without issue if they know how to play, albeit slower (obviously). Most people in F8 are either pure lazy (looking for brainless 10 min runs) or legit insane with what they expect gear-wise out of normal mode EC and DT parties. Many people go as far as to instantly leave the queue if they see a HM7 or HM8 player in the party. It's actually dumb as hell. A more or less fresh level 50 who has spent a few hours getting the basic things out of the way and has about ~750 AP can easily clear these instances with a similarly geared party assuming the people in their party understand how to play the game and how the bosses work. Just find a clan and avoid F8 until you're geared enough to join the retard faceroll party with everyone else.
  4. Looking for Animation Cancel Tips

    I wouldn't recommend macroing lmb/rmb anicancel as a destroyer. Not only is it far slower than what you can eventually achieve manually, it's also extremely intolerant to latency variations and can screw you over when you need to quickly perform other actions because of the amount of commands you're buffering. Do yourself a favor and practice instead of falling back on macros. It will pay off in the end - I promise.
  5. I-framing Blackwyrm's roar.

    There's a destroyer on my server (OMC) who tanks BW consistently, 100-0.
  6. Wrath Skill right tree "Willpower" ?????

    Willpower is the stacking focus buff you gain from typhoon stage 1 (or baseline).
  7. Soul Shield for Destroyer BS + ET?

    Everything in that post is accurate for NA.
  8. Soul Shield for Destroyer BS + ET? Basically identical for every class.
  9. I-framing Blackwyrm's roar.

    Blitz T2S3.
  10. I-framing Blackwyrm's roar.

    The only thing that successfully immunes BW's roar as destroyer is resist leap. None of our other iframes work on him afaik.
  11. Need help on Destroyer stats. Please..

    With current soul shields, you should have roughly 90% damage reduction while spinning when using hurricane T4S2. If you learn boss patterns and attack animations, you can literally just stand in one spot and spin as necessary to mitigate the vast majority of major boss attacks. Use searing strike, stone shield, and grabs as filler when appropriate. If you somehow fall behind, line up emberstomp w/ fury to regen a lot of hp quickly or just pop a cheap pot, or both. Mostly just learn boss patterns and spin.
  12. Party bonus on grab skill dilemma

    You use stage 2 for the focus regen so people can spam abilities into your target, not really for the crit.
  13. Is animation cancelling necessary?

    You can anicancel with high ping - you just have to overload inputs with both lmb/rmb and R/T (or whatever you have the contextual mouse skills bound to), instead of just using one or the other. As for whether it's necessary, I'd say it's necessary if you want to be competitive in either pve or pvp.
  14. Destroyer drag arena graphical bug

    Happens to everyone.
  15. [Mushin's Tower] Please Address Junghado

    Playing a destroyer, I died to Junghado twice on my first run cuz I'd never seen any of his abilities and wasn't familiar with his timings. Have never failed to kill him since then - the fight is generally a joke, as is the rest of the tower floors that are present on NA. I'm not sure what falls below "joke", but that's where Junghado will be if he's nerfed in any notable way.