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  1. Oh god . I don't know if it's because I'm stoned as f*** , or this is a troll attempt . But god help me , i laughed so bloody hard on this one .
  3. I wouldn't recommend you using a macro . First from what I've read it can get you banned . 2nd , you will feel a lot better once you've mastered it with your fingers . I'ts not that hard to be honest. I've mastered it in couple of weeks and i'm a casual player .
  4. the 10100 is the actual server ping . and yea i know how to use the resource monitor , and im thinking the same like you . something is very fishy in here .
  5. Having the issue as well. When i'm in open world i'm getting a stable ping of 50-60 ,tho while going inside the Arena , all of the sudden its 250-270 . My conspiracy guess ? EU servers are being directed towards NA database center somehow . so basically we're all playing through the NA server in one way or another.
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