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  1. Hello, first of all thanks for taking the time to read this. I will appreciate any help you can provide! ::little background:: I started playing BnS on the japanese server in the past and was dragged to the EU server when it was released (karu I'll never forgive you for this) I've been a huge fan of the game ever since and a total nerd for the story and it's content, I still am but these days I feel like the game is completely rejecting me. I had a bad laptop in the past that couldn't handle the game well but then I bought a better one last year around April. When I started using this new laptop, I had minor problems with FPs where I had to clean re-install nvidia drivers almost every single day after using DDU otherwise I wouldn't be able to achieve very high FPs up to 120+ out of combat and and 50-80+ in combat. (It was MSI support that suggested this solution for me). It was good even in raids bt,vt,tt.. at first.. As I mentioned earlier the usual solution that I needed to do was just a clean re-installation of nvidia driver but the past 3-4 weeks, this solution stopped making any difference to me completely. Here's how my struggles began.. ::Laptop info:: MSI GL62M 7RDX Windows 10 - 64bit i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz Ram 8GB Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 Now no matter what solution I try to fix my FPs, I will always always get below 3-7FPS in COMBAT, yes in COMBAT only! Out of combat FPs can still get up to 120+ but still drop instantly whenever I enter combat in dungeons or raids or even f12 alone. I opened a ticket with BnS support and we started mailing each other back and forth almost everyday for 2 weeks trying every possible solution they suggested for me, but in the end they gave up and told me they had no more solutions for me to try suggested that I seek professional help. Right now, I'm unable to play the game with high FPs out of combat using the normal launcher in both 32bit and 64bit clients, I have to use bnsbuddy. When I tried to launch the game normally the CPU consumption goes crazy to the max! and when I use bnsbuddy, the ram consumption is 80-90% there's no in between with these launchers! I have also tried every listed solutions on the forums, from youtube videos, and from discord tech support group as well as some other players but in the end the problem still persists. I will list some solutions I tried here but it will be impossible to list everything I tried during the entire month. ::Some of the solutions I have tried so far:: -Making sure nvidia gpu is being used by the client by using nvidia control panel and changing the settings (selecting a physx processor as my nvidia one, managing 3D settings and making sure the game is using nvidia gpu and adjusting the other listed settings for better performance, adjusting the image settings and sliding it more towards performance instead of quality, etc) -Trying both 32bit and 64bit clients (i used to play perfectly fine on the 64bit client after unchecking the compatibility settings) I also tried all the other compatibility settings just in case -Rolling back nvidia driver or updating it to the recent ones (I have many nvidia drivers downloaded and I tried many of them (Nvidia drivers list: 417.35 - 411.63 - 399.07 - 398.82 - 398.11 - 397.64 - 397.55 - 397.31) So I have tried a bunch of new and old ones but they didn't fix my in combat FPs. -I made sure all my other drivers are up to date using this which checks if anything needs updating and if anything is not working properly and all seems fine. -I have tried to repair the game, re-downloading the game, clean re-installation of the game, moving the game from my main storage to the other one and vise versa with the proper steps bns support provided. -Downloading directX 9 (jun 2014) -Uhh something about closing bluetooth? yeah.. tried that too -Switching in task manager the cores the game is able to use to see if it makes any difference, no difference. Also setting the client on high priority. -Running this command in the cmd prompt: sfc /scannow to check for anything that needs to be fixed, no difference -Nvidia profile solution, says custom and all, does help with my out of combat FPs but not my combat ones still. -Creating a new windows user account in case my user account is corrupted? (ok bns support) -Started using bnsbuddy, which is the only way that I can now achieve 120+ out of combat fps, i get faster loading screens in 32bit for some reason but 32bit crashes randomly sometimes. Disabled other classes animations, cleared entries and turned off FTH in bnsbuddy settings, no difference for in combat FPs. If I remember any other solutions I have tried, I will list them too. (also I'll mention this just in case, but my other games are perfectly fines, It's just BnS) It is torture to raid and only be able to focus on surviving and doing mechanics without dealing any damage because of in combat FPs, I want to be able to raid again smoothly, Please save my in combat FPs!
  2. I'm using a router with 5ghz internet my ping on other games is stable and low most of the time, I can't use ethernet with this router and I've tried ethernet before in the past and it didnt do much of a difference to me. I'm not asking for much changes but to make the bracelet obtainable in another way or removing it as a requirement like they did with draken bracelet. yes im a forcemaster its possible to try hard and beat master hong with high ping but trust me putting all the time into it isnt really worth it when i need like 30~ more runs depending on my luck.
  3. That sounds great and all I wonder how is it for my fire FM but there's still a long way to go for me before obtaining this bracelet because of this requirement. I have a good gaming laptop fps isn't a problem for me at all and in most dungeons my ping is normally between 170-250 rarely 120 but for some reason whenever I'm in circle of sundering the average I get is 270-300+ ping doing the mechanics already drops my dps and with the ping being unstable thats also less dps, you see when you're in a long fight dpsing your ping kind of adjusts and gets lower but when you have to stop and do a lot of mechanics iframing and such that doesn't really help out in circle of sundering and while knowing all the attack patterns and mechanics by heart you see yourself pressing exactly what is needed to be pressed but you don't make it in time and get punished every time barely surviving each boss and that's really frustrating and time consuming.
  4. Hello, I've had hellion bracelet for awhile now and I plan to upgrade it using red dragon crux + the problematic UNREFINED STARBREAKER BRACELET. I've been spending hours the past days trying to farm the coin fragments without beating master hong because that's almost near impossible with my unstable 200-300+ ping if I try hard I can only survive and die after his first phase. At this point I know all the mechanics and each boss's attack patterns by heart even when their cc bar opens for a very short time like 1 sec?? I can't cc fast enough or I have to stop attacking to get ready to cc so that I make it in time and its hard to iframe in time in general. for a high ping player this is honestly just freaking torture and I have to do this like 50 times IF IM LUCKY with fragments to get the stupid starbreaker bracelet to upgrade my hellion bracelet? I'm no legend to try hard for hours to try to beat master hong with my ping and just doing 1-3 circle of sundering is already tilting with my ping using up every bit of patience I have in me. This requirement honestly sh*ts on high ping players. I don't know whose genius idea was to make the bracelet only obtainable from the merchant with zero consideration to high ping players but this seriously makes me want to murder them. YEAH I KNOW THIS IS A BIG RANT but try to put yourself in our place. I've been playing bns before the release of EU/NA because I'm a huge fan of the game and I actually enjoy learning mechanics for dungeons, raids, etc. ping never mattered to me no matter what server I played, I never had to seriously complain about something so stupid like this before so thanks a lot for this. Not like I'm already pressured by other gear progress or anything really..
  5. Premium Membership bug?

    Ive been having this issue for many days now
  6. This is for the people who think we shouldn't complain about the rate of transmuting PST and just tell us to buy them from market if we don't want to risk. Do you realize that there are tons of people out there who constantly keep buying PSTs in market then keep reselling them in market for a much higher price? PST in my server literally costs 400+ gold each while it was 250-300 gold each before. I saw a player spamming in faction chat trying to sell 20x of PSTs so I whispered and asked "hows the rate?" and guess what? The player said he/she doesn't transmute them just keeps buying and reselling them for profit. So.. tell me how is this fair?? This is cancer. I have to keep saving up thousands of gold just to do one or two upgrades on one item why takes me more than a month if not two or three, it's literally the only item that slows down my gear upgrades its so frustrating. Transmuting is not very rewarding. Buying them from the market is complete rip off I'd understand if they want to make a little profit since transmuting PSTs costs 200+ each so selling them for 250 or 300 is alriiight but it got to the point where they sell for insane prices now.
  7. Agree 100% All my upgrade progress is literally paused because of this item for months while I have all the other materials ready, it's so frustrating. It's ridiculously expensive and I need countless of them for both weapon and accessories. If they still want to keep the chance of failure, then don't let it consume the materials but only the fee upon each try.