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  1. Give a gift, get a gift event

    I also have not received mine.
  2. Yeah I don't believe that persons post. The rules have always been strict about F2 pictures. They even removed the functionality behind it at one point but then restored it.
  3. How does the support team work?

    OP, be glad you did not change your characters name around the launch of the game. It would lock out the name entirely for 1 whole year. 365 days. Whether you were a Master Pack Founder or not and support could not help. This is one of those things unfortunately beyond their hands.
  4. Blade & Soul being even more soulless. Who knew? Blade & Fashion, Blade & Matchmaking, Blade & Swipe, Blade & Arena, Blade & Empty.. Many other new possible options for what the game should change its name to considering how they are taking things lately.
  5. why costumised costumes are not acount bound

    Cosmetics are 3/4 of the "content" considered for this game, the other 1/4 being in F8. So basically it comes down to the almighty $$cha-ching$$.
  6. how is this make sence??????

    You didn't hear about that new feature? It's the latest and greatest way to spend ncoin, by contacting support. More to come soon I bet.
  7. At this rate, all the zones should be deleted in the game leaving only the lobby and F10. What they could do with F10 is make it similar to a shopping mall. That way before buying skins, rng boxes, etc. you can have a live preview of the said item(s). Who knows, people might be enticed to spend more money. It's a win-win situation.
  8. Can we please have a christmas event?

    A Christmas event? Do you mean something sold in F10, in a RNG box? Sure, we'll probably get that. On top of a Trove and maybe more content cut out of the game. Hooray!
  9. nearly 12hours and still no ncoin

    I have started playing again after a long break and notice it now takes hours and hours to receive NCoin from both debit and credit, whereas before it would be instant. It's so annoying to buy the Ncoin codes from Amazon but at least the option is there I guess.
  10. Unhelpful support

    Next time you want to buy gold just do it the legal, safe way through F9.
  11. They probably weren't added to the merchant so that they could give us them through another double terribad rng event like the one we have now.
  12. suggestion for bonus coins

    I like the OPs idea. Or what also would be even better, and worth premium more is getting Ncoin with your sub. Similar to ESO which grants you 1,500 crowns each month subbed to spend in the store. It doesn't have to be 1,500 Ncoin, maybe 500-600.
  13. Hurray! "Today's Specials" - Cosmetic Items

    Can we get Pink Snow Raiment in tomorrows special please?
  14. How to catch up?

    Basically, by playing the game. Solo dailies in Silverfrost area. F8 groups. 24 man raid instances. Doing your regular dailies should net you the gold you need if you keep doing them.