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  1. Current Events are useless for newcomers

    i should say normally my friends (7-8 friends) online discord but after this event no one online they are coming 20mins and leave. because of this event lol :D..
  2. Current Events are useless for newcomers

    This event is really bad. Before other event is really so good but this one is.... i thing i m not online too much. its time to little bit stay away from computer :D...
  3. Legends Reborn: Item and Systems Preview

    Any news about pink badge fuse? @Sunshine Please? :D Thank you...
  4. The Legends Reborn Event Arrives April 10

    When pink badge can be fuse? After this patch? Please any info would be great! Thanks..
  5. eu server down

    i dont know maybe they are loading on something in game :D lol
  6. eu server down

    Eu server down? we cant login with my friends?
  7. requesting compensation

    it is ok we can wait. but compansation would be good. i agree with you.
  8. Suggestion Soul cost reduce?

    thats sad :S.
  9. Suggestion Soul cost reduce?

    Can you write this topic Who wants soul cost reduce? i look in full patch notes and there is no soul cost reduce. Why?
  10. That stream is perfect thank you... Question: any soul cost reduction is coming?
  11. Soul cost reduce with new patch?

    Hello. if any reduce coming you guys should write before patch. Many players waiting soul cost reduce so if ncsoft thinking this please let us know :D.
  12. if pink badges cant fuse this is make sense? i m a summoner and this things is not good for all summoner players. i dont understand. why? ncsoft must think about this cause ppl gonna mad. We all happy when hear about this pink badges and now we all dissappoint :S
  13. 200 Celebration Crate opening.

    i open 75 box but just 2 oil. i think its broken :D :D. this is why i dont think open more :D...
  14. Solo area difficulty

    i understand what you say. this solo dungeon (den) even hard gc3 weopon and cosmic soul. For new necklace you need 25 token :D. its really hard. Yes i farm this necklace i have it allready. But its hard this is real. I recommend to you you can farm this only kill First boss. I farm it this necklace like this i kill it only first boss. i see 11 gloves in first boss. and this is took my 1 week @Wataru. I have new necklace normally i must say no this solo dungeon not hard its easy :D right? haha
  15. No daily dash after maintenance?

    i think they forget to add :D lol. i hope they add soon cause i buy 90d premium and ncoin for dash not for trove!!!!