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  1. Easy mode is related to the one in Korea similar word similar meaning similar purpose. Easy Mode is not a balance change that would hope to prepare ANYONE for the difficult HARD MODE the one who was Acting as its Tutor or Teaching people how to do Hard Mode was our lost Normal Mode which you guys took out and instead of teaching or helping by bringing this "easy mode" it just became harder and less rewarding no just that this "easy mode" is no teaching anyone but ruining their days and wasting their time for nothing but to be annoyed of including the gold reduction BY HALF. Normal Mode
  2. In this update Wind Blade Dancer skills changed a lot but there is a major bug on those changes. Whirling Scourge (Z): You can now use Rolling Typhoon while Whirling Scourge is active. does not work properly sometimes. After running plenty of testing for a few hours with different badges it happens mostly with Alluvion Soul badge(look at the video bellow which I streamed earlier). So I hope NCsoft would look into as kr did previously when this happened. https://clips.twitch.tv/CooperativeNaiveNuggetsOSkomodo Another thing is Wind Slash(Move 1) animation is set to that of Lightnin
  3. its all meant to call attention so they can at-least inform us nothing else. Imagine if you run a game and there is lag issues for a few days and players complain but you dont even try to talk to your player/audience what would happen to such? even if its DOSS attacks address it to the players to let them know EVEN if they know about it just to inform dont get me wrong on this I like many people players would just like to hear anything from them atleast which would help calm down a bit the players.
  4. Hi! I'm here to suggest some things about what is currently been happening the last few days before things get worst as you guys are aware of the situation the game has been breaking unplayable for most including myself but I'm not here to complain just to say that if you guys dont show up any notice players will start to rage and quit the game very likely the more you guys dont show up specially those players who already feel stressed or tired of the hard grinding and the difficulties to do things and more now when people get DC during or even before entering dungeons so please try to show up
  5. and the 1 million question is where has the Today's special outfits are
  6. I was thinking the same thing but i have hopes for Calm Seas. dont jinx this for me!
  7. It was previously on the store. I been trying to find someone who "remembers" the price when it was on stores IF it was as some friends told me.
  8. as Tittle says this event with the Today's Specials-Costumes Each day from June 14 until June 28 you’ll find a costume in the available items for Today’s Specials. But my question is IF Calm Seas Outfit Shows up what would be its cost. i afk for almost a year and I want that outfit badly but i want to know its cost before I do something stupid.
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