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  1. No the later dungeons are better designed more so the level 50 ones, they are more like the Gatekeeper slashami fights where there is no fire wall just a seal blocking the door and you can't wall run ect in the boss fight area.
  2. The firewalls are less of a problem in later dungeons tho.
  3. the best part about firewalls is when a boss decides to knock you back 100ft and you insta die to the firewall :)
  4. Just unlock the Warlock already

    No they are not. we don't have enough skill points to be balanced around 50 content atm or hongmoon levels. Just because skills have been balanced does not mean the classes are balanced around 50 content, your skill points/gear are everything atm, once they finish doing what they need to do to get it out we will get it.
  5. Just unlock the Warlock already

    The game came out 4 years ago... wtf are you talking about lolz, they started this project like last year bruh.
  6. Just unlock the Warlock already

    Since when has NCwest been dubbing this game for 4 years? The amount of ignorant stuff you are saying is baffling. Stop trying to act like translating and doing voice acting just happens in a instant.
  7. Just unlock the Warlock already

    Yeah cause they don't have to do stuff like translation and voice acting for 50 content, they just flip the magic switch and all of that is done instantly.
  8. Enforced PvP not attractive.

    Like i said once before 99% faction dailies are PVE focus. You never have to pvp anyone except for one quest which you can ignore. I do my faction quest everyday w/o ever fighting anyone.
  9. Enforced PvP not attractive.

    only one of the quest for the 45 pvp stuff is actual pvp content, the rest is just doing quest with your pvp uniform on. Damn it didn't mean to quote
  10. Enforced PvP not attractive.

    Ok but you don't need that bonus stat for pve.... 100 piercing adds like 1% to your stat... its pretty much non factor.
  11. Enforced PvP not attractive.

    Piercing stat is only useful for 4 mobs atm and that's PoH BW, and both the terrors, most mobs in the game atm have 0 def. These 4 mobs you don't even need a high piercing stat for an inferno necklace gives enough to bypass all 4 of those mobs defenses.
  12. Enforced PvP not attractive.

    OP I suggest coming back to the game when 50 content drops you can do most of the endgame stuff w/o ever touching pvp.
  13. Pay2win or not, opinions?

    open world pvp is a joke you could have a god weapon and still get ganked by 4 ppl and your 100$ weapon won't matter. Open pvp is all about trapping people with CC then bursting them down, your weapon won't save you from CC or getting burst.
  14. Pay2win or not, opinions?

    I could careless if someone bought their power even if it was a legendary weapon. The CN/TW version of that pic, yes it cost that amount of gold to upgrade but you get far more gold from quest at level 50 at that point in the game. You are not earning 3 g a day and the game is saying well you need 250g to upgrade lmao. Most people have so much gold at level those prices are to get gold out of the game.