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  1. Show your Soul Fighter Presets

    or Bold or with hair? ( cant decide ^^ ) See you guys on 22th
  2. I like this game but reason for me to quit it is that servers are so bad and laggy. I like to play KFM and i read that soon SF is coming? I would like to come back for SJ but when latency is horrible it brings down my enjoyment of the game. I see many negative post in forums so i think not much has changed? But rly i want to know is that is it as bad as it used to be ( Lags, latency etc ) Hopefully ill be back in this game when SF comes, but depends on repsonses on this tread.
  3. I was wondering should i come back. I quit bns 2 weeks after launch, aint fun to play kfm with lags ( max speed i played with my kfm was amazing but it didnt get there than couple times) have there been any changes to servers?
  4. So i got a stupid question

    Thanks for answers def gonna go get one.
  5. Hi guys im using wifi to play im wondering would my speed be better if i bought ethernet cable? since when i get max speed on game its pretty nice but most of the time its slower than that. is it simply just lag or something or my internet ( i know that my pc is more than fine so it cant be it ). ps. im playing as kfm so i can see the difrence pretty well, also im from eu so dont hate if i have potato english :)
  6. Killing the game before release?

    Guys just maybe wait till relase to see how fast content comes etc. Anyways its CBT so complaining about game is boring is lame ( maybe its not the game for you? ). For me i think i can't get bored of this game why you may ask? becose of pvp. you dont master ur char in 1 day + if u want to improve as ur char you need to play other chars to see how they work ( im not bns pro but this is what i feel ). as for pve i havent got 2 much into it but first dungeon was cool ( easy, but still cool ). i have learned my english from games so i dont have perfect writing but i think ppl will understand.