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  1. Aransu fire badge

    So i'm concernd with aransu mystic badge for fire fm, is it worth it ? i mean its ussable if you have atleast 3 vt ss piece and how much it increases dps compared do skyrift and using meteor shower? 4 k gold is a lot and i wonder if its worth that much
  2. Put Premium Transformation Stone in F5 ASAP

    I bought for 500g yesterday on jinsoyun so be happy its ''only'' 460
  3. yeah it sucks pretty bad as a Fm i was hoping too, for raven ss and gun changes but no. They are to lazy to add important stuff, cuz trove took all their time
  4. i was hoping to get https://bnstree.com/news/Sk-npSAbf/12.13-kr-patch-summary#soul-shield this but no, never lucky ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ half baked patch
  5. I really hope not, cuz it's clearly pay to get stats, wich is not nice
  6. Laptop for bns

    So yeah, I don't really know what bns needs from computer to run smoothly, so I'm asking wich one is better for bns http://www.rde.lt/products/lt/150/84361/sort/1/filter/0_0_0_362/GL62M-7REX-1448NL-15.6-FHD-i7-7700HQ-8GB-1TB-128SSD-GTX1050Ti-EN-W10-nešiojamas-kompiuteris.html or this http://www.rde.lt/products/lt/150/91016/sort/1/filter/0_0_0_362/Legion-Y520-15.6-FHD-IPS-i7-7700HQ-8GB-2TB-128SSD-GTX1060-EN-DOS-nešiojamas-kompiuteris.html or even this one wich is a bit cheaper and has a bit worse video card http://www.rde.lt/products/lt/150/80394/sort/1/filter/0_0_0_362/Legion-Y520-15.6-FHD-IPS-i7-7700HQ-8GB-1TB-128SSD-GTX1050Ti-EN-W10-nešiojamas-kompiuteris.html I would really appreciate if someone who knows shit would help me out :)
  7. news about EU servers ?

    I wanna know that too and for exact same reason : / come on admins just giving out names won't hurt anyone