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  1. I dont mean the lite installer, i mean the game files ( over 26gb) when client start to patch
  2. Counter the same bug now at Naryu Foundry What mean with regular way?
  3. No only sins tap, all classes can get bugged when cat-pinned, ( even me as summoner got bugged a few times) I think is related to our F which disable defense/chi and rush "chase" skills
  4. This bug exist since beta in KR and still no fixed :) no have much hope
  5. You can see it, just hover over the "door" icon thats by default in the bottom-right corner of your screen, i always check it when LFP for that kind of stuff
  6. inb4 they get reward at the end, if that happens, ill exploit the next bug since im sure i wont get punished
  7. No, the best you can do is contact support to see if can recover the items exchanged, nothing else, its was your fault, that "little" warning mean an extra ( kinda un-need) code
  8. Did you just assume i dont play at all? *triggered* Been playing since alpha m8, also you didnt mention that, system wont let you bid if inventory is full, but you trying to say is if he somehow get full inventory AFTER begin top bidder the item just vanish? his own fault
  9. No, if you have the inventory full wont let you bid on an item. Also, if the top bidder leave/change zone before the bidding finish, the item will just goes back to queue, wont "vanish" in the air
  10. Sure i could love to spend about ~1h-4h in a dungeon just to end getting nothing at all, at least here in bns ill get gold.....
  11. Just copy and move the "bin" and "content" folders to your External HDD, after formatting the pc, just download and install the game normally,. Open the launcher and went start to download the game again, close/cancel the patching, go where it got installed and move the "bin" and "content" folders from the External HDD there and accept when ask if want merge both folders, Open launcher again and should download about 10~20mb patch then start installing the game :)
  12. That couldn't be fair for those ( like me) that been running and already open the boxes. Another idea could be putting it in merchant or achievement merchant and needs the "beat lord of flame 300 times" achievement + 100g to buy it
  13. About 4 weeks and still facing the same issue, cannot do desolate 4man for this problem
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