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  1. Hello! When I try to move my mouse cursor to item it just sudden disappeared, hopefully this issue get fix soon. Anyone else have this problem?
  2. 06/01/16 Patch Chat Thread

    At least I did SSP and Daily challenges before maintenance.
  3. New Outfit after completing Act 4

    Not bad I like it :)
  4. Soul Fighter.

    You not only one that are curious about this class.
  5. Oh that's right if you got a friend request from ShiroMoe, that's me. xD
  6. Hey ! I probably found a clan for me, are there still any spot left ?
  7. It's all same over Windrest (EU) server too so Imbalanced isn't something new.
  8. Pets? RNG?

    Haha yeah obviously NCsoft make it P2W :D
  9. Pets? RNG?

    Well, Blue pets give something right? You can always try your luck farming those Heroic dungeons too
  10. Upcoming Changes to Shattered Empire 4/27

    Agreed ! It's really up to you if you want to start upgrade now or after patch.
  11. SSP Hackers

    Not like it surprised me, they should know about it already.
  12. Flawless sparkling hongmoon jiwan's tear

    That's not enough, it's took me quite a while to get gems.

    Yeah that's what I want too. An in-game GM with different shifts that can clean bots, yes it will cost money but what a hell they do nothing about it. I saw some of them speedhacking over soulplains and they all ran together lol.
  14. Leveling even deadline?

    It should been giving out today