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  1. maintance in the middle of the day all the time servers are allwas bugged and need to w8 for them to pop up 50 min after maintance ends (NA SErvers pop up instently after patch) we get suppoert only in the middle of the night cuz they all work in NA times ... feels like they dont realy care about the eu players ... and its realy desppoiting eu player feel less importent from NA player learn to balance the service plz your a recial and im a *cricket*
  2. game stoped working after the patch

    NA server work fine just tested its only on eu server
  3. game stoped working after the patch

    i start the game put my pin code then nothing happens ... no dc no error cod .. nothing ... just the backround screen.. -_-?!
  4. Nice attempt

    servers are up?
  5. Exploit or ok?

    if they do it on world champoiship its ok
  6. if i will tell you i will have to kill you ....
  7. DPS Meter Request

    why? that players will have more reasons to Q Q?? "im sick of summoner destroyer make much more dmg plz boost summoner dmg" ?? i dont think so
  8. Premium vs F2P

    the game wont be exist without the p2p players solution for all the mad f2p playes = stfu and buy primum
  9. all servers: 70% players 30% bots all chat servers : 10% players 90% bots cross servers - arena : 90% players 10% bots cross server dungeons: 75% players 25% bots pff
  10. Please Make a Premium Server!!

    no make a server to non primium members and name it "we dont pay" bots will never go there

    i realy think all this dc's freezes today cos by very major server hacking / server attacking
  12. or you are just very very good with luck ... in most cases alot of players get often few of all other classes especly in lcuk wheels and epic weapon boxes
  13. at golden deva i have already 4-6 from all other classes weapons 0 weapon of my class (fm) my friend play blade master have 4-6 wapons of all other classes includs fm but 0 bm sowrd... same as in most of dungeons its feels like the system lower your chanse to get your own class weapon by alot mostly in the epic weapons its gets realy anoying and thats my 2nd class im already leveling to max same was in beta with 3 classes lvl 45 and same case with all players i ask in my clan brillient keys force scam?
  14. thre is any aboused bug make other player resisit all fm abilitys even my left button and right button ressisted 100% of the time by fm and assassins i played alot and got 1780 rank in cb i masted fm and somthing is abused here its cant be .. i know how to play aginst both of those classes but few players ressist all my attacks even if i attack them from bihind wene they cant block them