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  1. read the damn producers letter, its right there.. another waste of time thread lol
  2. you have no clue what mindless grinding is buddy.
  3. so what? tablets are easy to get.. i get them without trying. and when i need them to upgrade i have them ready
  4. What is the next weapon upgrade path after true scorpio. people saying after that is legendary but that is very expensive and only for people who want to be over powered.They cant make everyone in game have legend weapons. I assume there will be more upgrades to come in the future updates.
  5. When i cant get somthing i need to upgrade my gear that comes from pvp. i just make money off anything that comes my way and use that money to buy my materials. simple as that. if you make 20 gold from dailies , use that 20 gold and buy some moonstones. Also kritika sucks and the games not even out yet. If you really do like it then good luck. it wont be coming to america for a very long time lol
  6. Speak for your self buddy. Im actualy playing the game because I came from tera and its 100x better.
  7. What grind? LOL theres no grinding on this game. to get from level 1 to 50 all you need to do is quests. no grinding there. to get Hm levels 1-15 all you do is dailies, no grind there. as i said in many posts before. you people really dont know what grinding is. try killing thousands of the same monster over and over for 4 or 5 hours just to get 1 level or half a level. thats maplestory in 2008 and right now if your lv 200+. perfect world is like that too. seeing people complain about grinding here on blade and soul is ridiculous.. you have it so easy you dont even know. lmfao and this is why
  8. Have you played perfect world international? or maplestory? dragon nest? these events are not that bad compared to others i have seen. your not forking over any money either. a
  9. Instead of bashing him for spending that much on nc coics you should thank him. its people like this that help keep the game running. This is how Mmmo's publishers and their games stay alive. 32,000 nc coins is a rediculous amount though. you are either rich enough to blow that much on nc coins or the biggest pay2win guy i ever saw. (*Not hating*)
  10. buddy you should know by now that there is RNG in every mmorpg. and the rng on this game is nothing compared to some others i have played so get freaking used to it already..
  11. All yall stop crying lol. love my swimstuit *female gon player* lel
  12. its legendary weapons.. do you expect them to just kindly hand it right to you? its called legendary for a reason. * HARD TO GET* and LOTS OF HARD WORK* and no one said you had to spend real money to get it so i dont know why your talking in terms of real dollars most of the time. and why do you need it so much anyway. you can do fine with scorpio ..your not getting any special animation or effects with your legendary weapon. just power and all the boss agro you want.
  13. i dont really blaim the game for lag. i have been playing since launch. never had one lag spike due to servers or internet
  14. we can say anything we like where ever we want as long as it doesnt go against the rules buddy. and i dont pvp so jokes on you, im sure you get tons of easy kills in pvp with all those bots.have fun with that
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