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  1. Hmm, GBoost just disables windows aero and 10-15 unnecessary windows processes. If you mean about the "NVIDIA Users" it's only because the NVIDIA Inspector is for those graphic cards only.
  2. Nice attempt

    LOL, it's the same bot ... only ONE ... u can't block him ? xD
  3. Those bots are not spam bots, they are gold farmers
  4. If someone has something to add or correct the guide with better tips for performance, feel free to comment
  5. Oh shet, no one thought about that :/ ... Also i've read a post from one of the staff saying that the next month the NA and EU outfits will rotate, and the other month again, so people that didn't had chance of getting the outfit can try again.
  6. I think the "normal" is the private server "bnsclient.exe" The chinese and Kr has the "client.exe" and the Official server NA/EU uses the chinese client locale files, so we need to use one of them to set for NVInspector
  7. Graphics Memory Spes Reqs

    What do you mean by 2GB of a GPU memory is low ??? That's perfectly MUCH ... you need to have more concern about your RAM and CPU for BnS
  8. If you mess up alot with the settings just reinstall your graphic card driver to fix everything back to default :3
  9. A Download Speed up, most anti-virus will detect this .exe as a virus, but it's not... It's a simple script that removes unnecessary windows processes which speeds up your PC (Don't use it if you don't trust) A.1 Download GBoost and install it, after it loads you might have to paste DownloadList.boost into C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\LiveGBoost and re-run GBoost. A.1.1 After each restart of the PC you should run Speed.up and then GBoost (after Speed.up completes the 16 steps and if your explorer doesn't appear just go to task manager, new task and run explorer.exe B Download NVIDIA Inspector and extract it on your desktop B.1 Open the folder and run nvidiaInspector as admin B.2 Click at settings B.3 In the profiles drop-down menu search for Blade & Soul (China) B.4 Now look for those options and set them as the screenshots below B.4.1 Threaded optimization - *The setting is most definitely applicable to Direct3D as it resolves some unusual performance and crash issues in the Unreal Engine B.4.2 Shim Rendering Mode Options per application for Optimus - *Forces your laptop/PC to use the NVIDIA graphic card instead of the integrated B.4.3 Memory Allocation Policy - *Helps to implement specialized memory allocators that heavily improve the bottom line of many high-performance applications B.4.4 Antialiasing - Behavior Flags - *Overrides NVIDIA settings B.4.5 Apply changes *Note: This will set Windows Aero to Basic C Press Windows Key + R and type regedit then hit enter C.1 Navigate to:"HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows\RequireSignedAppInit" there should be a key called RequireSignedAppInit, double click on the key and change the value to 0. Dont worry if there isnt the "RequireSignedAppInit" key there you will need to create it . Right Click and select New > DWORD(32-BIT) Value. Give this the name "RequireSignedAppInit" And set the value to 0. Repeat the same process for the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows\RequireSignedAppInit" (this will force the games to use your GPU and ignore the integrated card) D Open NVIDIA Control Panel D.1 Click at Manage 3D settings D.2 At Program Settings click Add and search for Blade & Soul by bloodlust D.2.1 On the list change Antialiasing - Mode to Off D.2.2 CUDA - GPUs, Use these GPUs and check on your graphic card D.2.3 If you want you can also change Texture Filtering to High performance and Vertical sync to Off D.3 Apply. In-Game Tips: If you want to prevent disconnections at loading screens Always start the game with "Optimize for Low-End PCs" enabled (after you are ingame you can change it back to "Optimize for Combat") Before you click at Start Game, go to Create Character and start clicking on each Race and their respective Classes until you have them all loaded without any screenlag, after that you can clock cancel and loggin in the server Play in Full Screen mode by hitting left ALT + Enter at the exact same time, don't hold alt then enter, you must hit them at the same time. Important: Ingame portals Everytime you reach a portal to another zone you should stop just in front it and wait 10 seconds, in the meantime you must move left and right until the other-side zone has been loaded and you feel screenlagless *For the combo tutorials, blue portals, you MUST set back the graphics to "Optimize for Low-End PCs" before entering. *This guide can be used for mid and high end PCs but just don't modify the Antialiasing
  10. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Lel... "naming and shaming" bots... top kek :v
  11. Ping and server locations?

    Yeah, and then you see 4 BnS Clients with 4 different pings :D
  12. Queue is BS!!!

    "Ok this happed 5 times the last 3 days already, i wait in queue for 40 min, then i get disconnected just before loading the game. First i thought i got disconnected only from the server, but today i was playing one more game and BnS queueing at the background, then i got disconnected from BnS but it actually disconnected my whole network because it boot me from the other game too, which is SUSPICIOUS !!! So the game basically force your network to go down and when you get mad you go and buy PREMIUM !! REALLY ?? Or perhaps you have done the stupidest thing in the entire game indurstry and have integrated the anti-afk system into the queue too..."(from my deleted thread) AND THEY DELETED MY THREAD !!! HAHAH WELL PLAYED NCSOFT :D
  13. Priority Queue

    hahahah they just confirmed that by deleting my thread xDDD
  14. So..., uncensored, huh?

    What ? You can't mod ?? Then why there are 23012973981723 mods on the BnSDojo forums ?
  15. Priority Queue

    Yes, the game actually disconencts your network so you have to requeue again.