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  1. Hello, so look at the picture below. Why are there 4 client.exe for one game with varying latency? Which one effects my in-game speed more? I presume the one with the highest number? I am currently located in Washington state. (p.s does WTFast actually help at all?)
  2. I'll get excited once its applied here...... they better hurry it up
  3. All I want for Christmas is a 64 bit client, a 64 bit client, a 64 bit client
  4. Lets seee.... 1. Can block 2. Can do crazy amounts of healing 3. Can do crazy amounts of CC 4. Can go invisible 5. Can put up a anti-cc sheild 6. Can put up a anti-ranged dmg cloud (melee too?) 7. Has insanse burst 8. Can run around its pet making it hard for you to focus cc and dmg on the actual player 9. Its pet can do pin downs and air juggles. 10. The pet has insane range on its gap closing abilities 11. Summoner damage goes through my Veil Bubble... idk about other classes defensive abilities ( im a FM )
  5. This is how I did it after like 15 attempts. Tips: 1. Use potions on CD 2. Put points into full HP regen, AKA ice block, ice fury and veil 3. Use phantom grip when he is slashing you 4. Try and keep him frozen even if he moves, sometimes when hes got you frozen or slashing you can impact him away 5. Save Q and E for when hes about to charge at you.... this is worth getting down because it saves iceblock for the hard to dodge crap 6. Dont cc him when he does his sword ranged attack, use that time to kite and nuke... make sure to freeze him during that op
  6. what the hell? what "RAIDS" are you talking about? Everything in this game is meant for grandmas.... this game is way too easy.
  7. AMD http://giphy.com/gifs/3o7rbMmHvyFg9YQMIo/html5
  8. You must go spin the local wheel to obtain a water wings lockbox, i think it takes 2 keys to open tho.
  9. The stuttering that bothers me the most is when you kill the last boss or npc you need for quest and the game like jolts when you complete the quest.... its all thanks to the shitty UI engine.... think its using adobe flash for the UI
  10. We all know about ( (insert name) Gaming ) "communities"... you go around game after game phishing for mass numbers of people in hopes of a few poor saps who donate money. You know.. the people who think throwing money at a guild increases their influence and popularity..... i give you kudos on the operation tho.
  11. Join Eterna! Make sure to donate! $5 minimum!
  12. its one of those mega trash guilds that play every game imaginable to roll in those cash donations for the leaders
  13. I have to agree with the OP, this game like most korean mmo's is very lacking in the optimization department and it always seems to stem from the UI causing alot of the fps drops in my opinion and experiences. This game also does not perform well when there are 15-20+ people wailing on an open world/raid boss as well. Of course the quick fix is Ctrl+f to remove all player models but whats the fun in that? My specs: i7-5930k 4.0 ghz 16gb 2133mhz DDR4 Ram (2x) Gigabyte G1 Gtx 980's MSI x99 SLI PLUS Mobo Installed on 1TB Samsung SSD When i
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