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  1. Bad event with PvP with generous drops and exp mostly beneficial for new and average players who are gearing up. Wouldn't mind the PvP aspect if the entry fee wasn't so high or there is no entry fee at all. KR has same entry fee i think but their economy 10g is nothing! we have a different economy and 10g is still something here. Hope the entry fee gets nerfed or removed. Think if the entry fee removed and have multiple channels in the field with channel jumping timer set to 30 secs ppl wouldn't mind the PvP aspect of this event as long as they can escape to a remote locatio
  2. This is why West needs a f-ing kick feature!!!!!!! This was 4-Man Gloomdross, 2 ppl logout/crash at final boss i recruit and the A-Hole(Summoner) in the pt joins along with a good BM, A-Hole has full evolved accesories Stage-6 Legendary but switches to npc weapon and trolls and doesnt leave pt wasting our time and going enrage....we are helpless and can't kick this A-hole. This dungeon already is huge time waster much more time waster than Necropolis and we have to deal with the A-Hole. On the side note i know KR is pay to time model and tat is
  3. Just like Freemium means make it look free and easy but dont make it enjoyable or else players will be happy!! so screw it and make it a grind fest with rng... I bet not a single event without rng included and make players satisfactory will ever come to west.
  4. Ummm list is here Website for dungeons giving coralite, the box is free and gaurantees ur weapon. All dungeons only 1 coralite so far havent seen 2 just one reward. Since am still struggling at stage 1 it just gave me 1 fragment...
  5. haha u wont even get to stage-3 soon, i thought this event was too good to be true but success rate is very low lol god not a single event favourable to players. 3/3 fail on first stage itself so far....
  6. Full Dark Build WL's are huge burst dmg dealers and since ice rmb insta cast doesnt generate threat while dark one generates you wouldn't notice it. When i go dark build i end up taking agro alot even from legendary users (ranged and melee) especially FM's aswell who are more geared than me idk if its FM's rotation is bad or dark build itself is huge dmg can't be sure. There is no perfect rotation for Dark build all u have to do is improvise and keep spamming the skills and reducing "v" cd all the time using rmb-salvo but dark build benefits alot from HM Mantra, HM rmb and HM Helix
  7. Yep tats wat i do, found another dude whispering now in mushin hall!!! they are spreading man...this dude has expensive rng gemon him too! [removed image due to phishing link: Please remove the link if you report phishing whispers in the future.]
  8. i report them first then block spammer usually i encounter HM2-5 but this is the first i have seen HM 10 who fell for "ncsofta" for a surprise gift!
  9. This poor dude fell for scam HM10! and shit all wiped and used as bot now :x [removed image due to phishing link: Please remove the link if you report phishing whispers in the future.] PLEASE DONT FALL FOR THIS SURPRISE GIFT SHIT! ITS A SCAM!!
  10. moonwater crafts ss req cut by 1/4 but the prices are still same as the ones before the slash idk why the fvk ppl are trying to sell still at old price making it difficult for new players. i under cut by a huge margin not to gain gold but to provide stones to the community where i could save and easily craft Silverfrost Trans.
  11. confirm waste of money haha i didnt even get moonstone just unsealing charm and experience fragment.
  12. it doesnt happen often right u just press enter and go ahead or esc to come out of type chat to combat, it was always fluent for me.
  13. Why wont most of the ppl dont even reply with a simple yes(y) or no(n) or atleast a reply with a word when someone asks a simple question... example:- who has a scale? || who has an orb ? || who wants to do cc(kd/daze/stun) etc., Are ppl shy to even chat ?? a simple active reply would speed up so many things instead majority of the parties i been with just dont reply anything, they waste a lot of time its like as if they are staring at the chat/monitor or are they mostly non - english speakers.
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