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  1. shiune for the love of F...... who are you trying to convince that assassin is not a piece of garbage? usesless 1000% on pve. where most of party gathering messages have the "(no sin)" in the end. and die like craps. even then ones who have good gear (high possibility of being carried much?) or are plat in pvp. and dont even mention pvp... plz , if i had the developer, creator, or whatever he is called, who though of this invisible crap class, i would punch him to the death. i can deal with spin 2 win from bd/destro wich has high chances you miss the timing and get stun
  2. yeah... why would you have party since you are the last hongmoon student as nutrient typed above. also if you DIDNT just hit 45 with cinderlands gear you can solo it no problem. its very easy
  3. i also believe they made it like this. cause it costs around 15 gold or so to buy points for a monthly premium. but they want you to pay the money too, for this option. and not just buy points from someone else who already paid. nc soft... you start geting in my nerves with all the things you do lately. and i m sure i m totaly not the only one...
  4. my prem ended already... and now i entered 10 freaking euros for buying the prem. and? now i need to enter 10 euros again. cause i cant use them... JUST WOw NC sOFT....
  5. i found thos. the problem is it asks me again to pay. i already entered the amount i wanted though... so what now? i pay second time?
  6. i traded 50 gold from my blademaster. whom i stoped playing at HM3 and after getting many stuff on him. cause i couldnt stand playing this version of bm we have here... he is pathetic and unlocking ALL of the skills yet is not possible. so its damn annoying playing him. at least for the moment. so... WHY THE HELL should i get banned for moving gold from a character of one account to another of the same freaking account. Thats beyond stupidlike.......... if nc soft ever bans me for smthing like this. i ll truthfully go mad.
  7. i m farming it for days also and no luck here too.... also funny fact is at the website i learned where to find the veil (except for the item description in game wich I DONT TRUST ... they were claiming the rarity for this item is not high... guess they were rong
  8. the older you get the less they effect you. that is for sure!
  9. i realy cant decide if most of these 7 pages full of comments are troll stuff or there are so many low inteligence people here who cant even search properly for a problem or at lest READ the topic for .... sake....
  10. Well, more boobs is just a word. I m sure there is a reason why developers put those limits at both minimum and maximum size... Maybe player complaints will change something but its unlikely i believe.
  11. that made my day... especialy the last sentence :D
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