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  1. 300 Grand Phantasmic Boxes.

    only opened 50 https://imgur.com/a/GTmJr0V got 1k worth of stuff for 5560ncoin ... worst rng ever :/
  2. u are mistaken .. we had 230-270 ap back then whit pohan and bsh dung and in 4 man she could kill u whit 1 air (this is a REALLY OLD patch when u had this hp and ap and no special items thats why your items' effect dosnt work) JUST FOR MENTION WE NEVER HAD THIS PATCH CAUSE WE ALREADY GOT THE UPDATED SOULSHIELDS WHEN GAME WAS RELEASED IN EU (the old version soulshields all have 2 stat , not all ss had hp , all had 2 stats so u didnt had this much hp as we got in our EU 45 patch where all SS gave hp and 2nd or even 3rd stat ) but u were able to kill her ... now u need 6 ppl otherwise u have not enough dmg (enrage ) all mechs same but 1 hit if u fail (the vents are the old -old-old patch when u have only half the vents working< top or bottom half /lever > and u have to pull it good timing to resist the ice aoe ) did the dung 2 times dosnt worth a penny :D to much time waste and need to many items for exchange-convert and the merchant just a money waste nothing usefull (all mats overpriced and the rng chest is a money sink )
  3. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    glad i didnt bought any sad because i didnt sold any but :
  4. Worst merchant event EVER!

    All i wanted were the outfit and the head adornment (holy jolly- and the hood ) i run all dungeon all day and only saw 1 time a merhcant that has the hood and i didnt even got the costume it FeelsBadMan they were EVENT costumes and the rate of the spawn for them were super bad im so sad i didnt got the costume while i made the effort to get it ;( i read forum and somone already sent a ticket about it and they said " make a forum post " like it do anything to get the costume
  5. 1 64 bit client 2 the 24 mans need some love ( more rewardable : more experience materials gold or just make the hm 10+ levels more rewardable or less experience need ) 3 the new skill system 4 better premium benefits (rework +they could make an item when u consume u can have the wardrobe for 1-7-30 day ) 5 lessen the rng on drops and soulsheilds (make soulshield stats static ) and make drops always reachable whit hard work not just rng
  6. Boxing Gloves Gauntlets

    i want a sexy police officer costume for my bm whit a Baton as my sword XD
  7. Stream for 26th October - Recap

    if i saw right the 6v6 chest contains 5-7 moonstones on the stream and extra chance for 5 more but the live version only contains 2-3 and the extra % for another 5 and more soulstones too so i hope we get that chest too XD (30k bp yeeeey)
  8. Why did i even farm...

    u dont understand its not about the money spent its about the time spent ingame .... why have most of the purple dungeons 100+runs when its not rewarding when they make ur TIME SPENT worthless and feel wasted not about the mats its the time spent to farm them ...
  9. Why did i even farm...

    Im already max on weapon .. for like 1 month ... now hard working for legendary and accesories ...
  10. Why did i even farm...

    I totally understand some people are new and some dosnt have much time to farm and they get it cheaper to close the gap between others... but those who already farmed weeks for their items should be compensated .... I feel totally lost now ... wasted all my time and now others get it 50% cheaper playing since jan 10 start still dont have legendary cause im in the minority faction on my server , working hard for mats and money , farming dungeons and pray for rng jesus but now all the time feel wasted why play when they do this ...
  11. Summoner in Infinite Tower Needs Nerf

    yeah summoners are way to strong in infinity -they have legendary over 30floor so yeah cd reset on all escape skill is super bad not to mention reset on cc-s and defensive skills -cat hp to big but its not a problem they want to teach u pvp to try take on a summ whit a cat (fully potential) -they have 0 delay or lag (split second is enough to use defensive skills ) and they have incredible reaction (kinda sure they read ur mind lel ) using any gapcloser skill they instantly dandelion or backjumps it or even if its hits they call back cat for resist(while cced cause they know cannot avoid it and already using when u midway ) and knockback or just switch places etc etc THEIR TIMING IS INHUMAN (yes we know they are npc but pliiiiissss) -and the most annoying thing is they look like 2 different person when it comes to positionate ... the summ always walks behind the cat and the cat always "move" between u and the summ totally impossible to target and a lot of time waste, cc on cat (and cat resists daze and knockback sometimes ) i just noticed my last runs the cats hp almost half or even lose more hp than the summ itself cause of this positioning, pretty hard to target same for wl but they wont have pet all the time -they using HM skills that dosnt released yet too and sometimes i feel like they switch skills midfight for another spec (probably just rage mode blame ) i can go till 41-43 other classes not a big fuss (only sf is a fckin time eater especially whit legendary cd resets ) but i can lose or waste 3 min on a floor 27 summoner and easily lose over 31 i just wanna farm the soul shield so every time i get an sf or summ my hope of go over 40 is zero so if im already did a 30+floor i just die im a bm btw around 650 attack sorry for bad english :)
  12. me and my guildmates getting dc-s to (i get dc like every 5-10min )
  13. The most beautiful sword of Blade & Soul

    its ingame but u cannot get it right now only whit later content :) they should really release some new unique weapon skins
  14. Poor Summoners. Not~

    its not a big nerf at all its just makes the class more harder casue now not just cd ur skills and LB+RB to win now they actually have to combo+ every class has a con whit his RB aoe the only one who got nothing is SM all pro for sunflower (i think its kinda a joke u killing 1 tagert whit an aoe faster than a ST skill...) +it was really a mess in pvp all the summs had to do is cc the enemy sit the cat on it spawn ur D&B LB+RB till u hit the overflow and win i play as a bm and i really cannot beat summs whit the same skill level (they just use the skill that deny my block and slow me down and they can spawn that .. if i miss a aproach block skill on the SM im dead ) and u literally pvp 2v1 since even if u get the summ and u are mele the cat will save the day sm has nearly everything u want in pvp the only thing lack is combos ...(has heal , 2v1, iframes, block+stealth, dot dmg, a lot of cc and the cat sit is fckin long , ) and if the goes on the bee finally i can block it XD