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  1. unlesss your a whale then they let you keep your stuff and give you more making the fat fatter and have 0 cares for anyone else
  2. For the love of god please don't just dont noone ever helps and just afks till boss spawns
  3. Would be 1000 times better then the one they have now stacking 4 whales against none causing mass slaughter lol between the horrid match making and the afkers 6v6 is just annoying dont think ive been to one one 6 months was just way too frustraiting to get a good match
  4. Yup just going to the movies with drinks and snacks is dropping 50 bucks so i never understood why people complain about people spending money on games I spend on games just never will on this one ever again
  5. 6v6 wouldnt be half bad if it had a better match making system that averaged the ap by teams but to do this they would have to make it to where what ever weapon you que with you are forced to use but that wont happen cause nc staff is incompetent and would some how relay the info to bloodlust wrong and make it cater to whales just like there helpdesk does
  6. Someone has never tried farming the hat ????? Complaining here is useless the staff dont care
  7. Everyone at nc is brain dead and only caters everything to whales its nothing new Frankly the update is irrelevant due to the completely broken match making system it always stacks 1 op side vrs a noob side But they don't care the whales will always whale and the staff will always cater to them
  8. The update paths have been fine even for the casual player unless you only play like 1 hour a day then you really have no reason to complain What's really killing this game and making it loose people is the horrible support staff that only helps the whales and noone else they lost my money thats for sure
  9. You say that like ncsoft cares about your dime they don't lol the only people they care about are the ones thats spend hundreds to thousands a month
  10. They need to bring back redneck soha Best soha ever
  11. Ncsoft has thee worst support ive ever seen They ate so bad they lost me as a rank 10 member i will never spend again due to there window licking support people They selectively help people and cater to big spenders They have 0 care about little spenders and no spenders Nor do they care about your connections its always your fault not theres In there eyes there client is flawless and your pleb computers are the problem But In reality there servers are more then likely on a Pentium 4
  12. Lol if you can't find help for supply chain and on mushin and I'm on I'll blaze thru it with ya easy mode send me a message in game char named ImTrashy I'm normally on at night
  13. Look at the drop rate of stones compared to stingers and Moonstones sure we can change the drop rate to match the evolved stones then people would cry it takes forever to gather mats to craft the stones and or upgrade
  14. I agree im miss gg alot 1v1 arena such a mess now without it
  15. Yup then the economy would be in the toilet cause nothing would hold any value at all sounds like a great idea to me .....
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